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Submission + - Motorola G2 Detects When Rooted, Reinstalls Stock (

RandyDownes writes: And you thought the Droid X's kill switch was bad. Motorola's new Droid G2 can detect when it's been rooted and responds by reinstalling the factory OS, complete with MotoBlur and all the bloatware that comes with it. This seems like a violation of the Apache license Android is licensed under and is especially ironic given Eric Schmidt's recent statement about not requiring carriers to give consumers the option to install Google's own version of the OS. Schmidt called it a violation of the principles of open source.

Submission + - Nokia Releases Qt 4.7 (

RandyDownes writes: As MeeGo app development continues to ramp up, Nokia's newest update to Qt features improvements targeted entirely at the mobile OS. Qt 4.7 features improved Webkit compiling for faster, more responsive interfaces, more efficient OpenGL support, and QML, an object language that uses scripting, much in the same way as Javascript.

Submission + - Developers: Always Read Contributor Agreements (

RandyDownes writes: It's an obvious piece of advice and one that gets overlooked far too often by developers on open source developers eager to work on a new project. Take for example, the new Contributor Agreement for the burgeoning open source social network Diaspora. Under their contributor agreement, any contribution becomes freely and unrestrictedly licensed to the company by the contributor. Diaspora then has the right under this agreement to sell, relicense, and sublicense the contribution to a third party. Additionally, if a Diaspora employee creates a contribution that is derived from a developer contribution, the derived contribution is solely owned by the Diaspora employee who created it.

Submission + - Dell Releases Streak Source Code (

RandyDownes writes: Members of the developer community called Dell out for not releasing the complete source code for the Android-powered Slate, thus violating the GPL. Dell has since complied and released the total custom Android 1.6 ROM to the public. Maybe now someone can get the minitablet/smartphone to run Froyo without breaking everything.

Submission + - Palm Design VP Joins Nokia as VP of MeeGo UX (

RandyDownes writes: In the wake of HP's Palm purchase Matias Duarte, Palm's senior director of human interface and user experience and lead designer behind webOS has gone to Google for Android and now a Skillman has gone to Nokia for MeeGo. What this means for the user interfaces of these three operating systems is uncertain, but one thing that is for sure: It's going to be an interesting next 6 months on mobile platforms.
Open Source

Submission + - Ubuntu 10.10 Beta is Out (

RandyDownes writes: Canonical rolled out Ubuntu 10.10 AKA Maverick Meerkat and with it comes with a few new features while leaving some other community complaints unattended. The Ubuntu Software Center got a facelift and now features better access to package history, as well as new Featured and What's New views for organizing programs.The Ubuntu One backup and storage service is better integrated into 10.10, but support has not expanded to other Ubuntu-based distros.

Submission + - Drupal Releases New Code of Conduct (

RandyDownes writes: The new code of conduct was admittedly lifted from Ubuntu's own code of conduct. The main difference being that Drupal omitted the conflict resolution portion of the original code of conduct, because Drupal doesn't address conflict resolution.

Submission + - Software Freedom Law Center to Open India Branch (

RandyDownes writes: The Software Freedom Law Center has plans for for a new international organization in New Dehli, India, expanding the SFLC's reach and mission of promoting FLOSS on a global scale.
Mishi Choudhary will oversee the SFLC's New Dehli office. Miss Choundhary has worked the SFLC in India and the US and was the inaugural recipient of the SFLC's International Fellowship. Her recent work with the SFLC has been on FLOSS licensing issues, patent re-examinations, trademark and copyright registration, and GPL enforcement actions.

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