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Sun Microsystems

Submission + - IBM may buy Sun ( 1

Randy Savage writes: International Business Machines Corp. is in talks to buy Sun Microsystems Inc., people familiar with the matter said, a combination that would bolster IBM's heft on the Internet, in software and in finance and telecommunications markets.

Comment Court Case? (Score 1) 703

Dear X,

I have filed a case with the XXX Court under the XXX Act, NNNN, regarding the previous two months wages.

Best Regards,


The company ran out of cashflow, and stopped paying wages, so after two months I stopped showing up. The CEO would have had to tell the shareholders about any court case, so he coughed up a personal check, which cashed the day before they liquidated.

Comment Graphviz (Score 2, Interesting) 401

There does seem to be a gap in the market place for a useful dynamic hierarchical graph drawing package. For very complicated procedures I use Graphviz, a freeware by Bell Labs, pretty old now. It takes a bit of hacking but you can create very pretty graphs with high numbers of nodes automatically.

For simple procedures, I just use Powerpoint, and have extra, separate graphs when a particular task can be expanded to a subgraph.

If anybody has any other graph packages to recommend, I would really appreciate upgrading.


Submission + - Hollywood realises we've all been streaming? (

Randy Savage writes: Because of a new wave of downloading and streaming sites — many of which are located in countries with lackluster piracy enforcement efforts, like China — and near ubiquitous broadband access, it has become so easy to watch pirated movies online. As a result, many people may not even realize that they could be breaking the copyright law. Hollywood may at long last be having its Napster moment — struggling against the video version of the digital looting that capsized the music business.

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