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Comment Re:Its Marketing ... no information required (Score 1) 893

It presents something enjoyable (here it is assumed that Seinfeld+Gates==Enjoyable) and then presents the branding that they want to be associated with

Anyone who finds this combination of people enjoyable is mentally troubled. When Seinfeld bounces his sitcom wit off Jason Alexander, we understand that 'George' is a fictional social maladroit and Jason Alexander's skills make the interplay humorous. Put Seinfeld's gregarious wit directly next to a real-life socially inept character and we have, not comedy, but tragedy. It's like watching Dad dancing, on stage, next to a breakdance champion.
The message we take away is : Gregarious + awkward = cringeworthy


Submission + - Temp. difference observed between Sun's poles

ATestR writes: From the Article (, one pole of the sun is cooler than the other. That's the surprising conclusion announced today by scientists who have been analyzing data from the ESA-NASA Ulysses spacecraft.

Measurements of the Northern Solar pole taken by Ulysses in 1994 and 1995 observed a temperature difference of 7 — 8 percent from the recent measurements taken of the Southern pole. Since the average Solar temperature has been measured to be constant during this twelve year period, the scientists invovled with the project are scratching their heads over the difference.

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