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Comment Re:I'm not convinced the police was wrong here (Score 1) 577

For those claiming that the fact that he made the statement on the internet shows it was a joke because a terrorist wouldn’t be dumb enough to do that, Please read the following and learn the realities of life.

#1 Some terrorists ARE DUMB! Most terrorist organizations don’t require IQ tests, Medical Exams, or Sexual harassment training before hiring you. A terrorist cell in Iraq used the mentally retard because they ARE dumb enough to strap a bomb to themselves and go BOOM.

#2 Not everyone who commits or threatens to commit an act of violence is what by most definitions would be called a terrorist. Many are lone nuts looking for attention or venting their anger.

#3 For those who still want to hold that a person seriously intent on harming and killing people would NEVER do so on the internet consider this remark made online in Germany in March 2009...

"Everyone laughs at me. No one recognizes my potential. I mean this seriously. I have got a weapon here and tomorrow I am going to go to my former school and give them hell.”

The next day 17-year-old Tim Kretchmer went to school and killed 15 people.

Try this one from 2008 about Christian Mogensen

“A computer consultant killed his wife and then took his own life just hours after posting a grim announcement about the murder-suicide on his website.”

As for this idiots threat there is NOTHING in the message that suggests it’s a joke. If the police had done nothing and next week 22 people were killed when a bomb went off at the airport, how loud would the public outcry of “The police knew this was going to happen but they did nothing!!!”


Comment Re:whats the crime in hate crime? (Score 1) 778

Have you considered that such measures as lawsuits will fail to deter 2%-10+% of the population. How much money do you actually think you will see from someone making $200 a month. I owned a low end bar in Pomona, Ca in the 89, and saw a yuppy try that with another custumer who was on welfare.
"You even think about hitting me and my lawyers will sue you for everything you own"
If you don't have money nor future expectation of it you have nothing to fear from a lawsuit.
Likewise the very rich can also become near judgment proof. Especially if they prepare ahead of time. Look at OJ Simpson who didn't prepare ahead of time. The Goldmans have seen very little money from their lawsuit against OJ, while OJ continued to lead a lavish lifestyle.
While I firmly support free speech in most all cases, intentionally LYING in a manner that DIRECTLY causes injury is one of the area I don't support and saying that Lawsuits would prevent such action is naive.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 288

I would argue that these are not attacks but free speech (as in freedom of expression).

This is also the stance of most Real Terrorists. They justify taking hostages, destroying planes or killing innocent people, so the world will hear their message. Their message might even be a good one. In the end no one might be seriously hurt, as in the case of taking hostages, but releasing them afterwards. But don't try fooling yourself or others into thinking that this is NOT an attack. That's just BS double speak.
If the people had done the same actions but without a political message would you still try claiming it wasn't an attack. Just because you add a political message doesn't make it any less of an attack.
You can even justify the action, as in the case of civil rights protestors vandalizing property, or US soldiers attacking German Soldiers to free Jewish Holocaust Victims. However it is still an attack.
Lets stop with the PC BS.

Comment Fraud (Score 1) 891

Why use this as opposed to simply using the cars odometer? The govenrment better not say fraud (Setting the Odometer back, or disconecting the cable). After all how easy will it be to disconect, or better still shield or jam the attena so the signal doesn't reach the GPS unit. Simply claim you parked your car in a place where the signal couldn't reach.


GPS-Based System For Driving Tax Being Field Tested 891

An anonymous reader writes "Apparently, since gas consumption is going down and fuel efficient cars are becoming more popular, the government is looking into a new form of taxation to create revenue for transportation projects. This new system is a 'by-the-mile tax,' requiring GPS in cars so it can track the mileage. Once a month, the data gets uploaded to a billing center and you are conveniently charged for how much you drove. 'A federal commission, after a two-year study, concluded earlier this year that the road tax was the "best path forward" to keep revenues flowing to highway and transportation projects, and could be an important new tool to help manage traffic and relieve congestion. ... The commission pegged 2020 as the year for the federal fuel tax, currently 18.5 cents a gallon, to be phased out and replaced by a road tax. One estimate of a road tax that would cover the current federal and state fuel taxes is 1 to 2 cents per mile for cars and light trucks.'"

Comment Re:Selective Values (Score 1) 174

Try the following differences.

1) According to your own source there were 150 people demonstrating in the streets in front of there congress. Heck we had over 200 people demonstrating in front of the Sacramento Capital in support of Iranian Freedom and the video from Iran shows 150,000+ people demonstrating in Iranian streets. Thatâ(TM)s 1000 times bigger demonstrations so yes you can expect 1000 times more media coverage and people paying attention.

2) No signs of any real violence let alone deaths so far, at least not in your link. Compare that to Iran where we have 20 or more deaths, video of protesters being gunned down, Women being beaten, Universities being trashed and so on.

3) Their is real fear that the opposition leader in Iran may well wind up having a nasty "accident". By contrast Honduras gave the president a plane ride to another country where he is free to travel to any number of safe friendly countries and to continue broadcasting his position. Heck even he says in your video "He doesnâ(TM)t need any protection." While those who did the coup may very well be in the wrong it's difficult to get riled up when all they did was kick him out of the country and allow him to keep on saying whatever he wants.

4) Reporting "seems" to still be going on in Honduras, Compare that to "Reporters without Borders" reports of dozens of Reporters arrested and hundreds kicked out of the country.

5) Iran has charged British employees with crimes. Iran has kicked people out of embassies and Iran has condemned other nations and made threats towards countries around the world.

6) Iran "could" build nuclear tipped missiles capable of hitting Western Europe within a matter of a few Years and starting a World War. Honduras "could" build an Iced Mocha capable of giving me a good caffeine buzz. Yea for some reason people pay attention to what goes on in countries that have a potential to kill them.

For these and many more reasons Honduras is not as news worthy as Iran.

Posted in response to "How come nobody talks what has happened this past week and is still happening in Honduras []?"


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