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Comment Speed increase here (Score 1) 203

TWC increased my throughput by 50% a month or two ago, yet I live in the coastal southeast, nowhere near Kansas City. I certainly haven't received any price cuts though. In fact, just two months ago Time Warner implemented a "modem rental" fee of $3.99/mo on top of the existing rate. If only I could get Google Fiber or a municipal ISP :-/

Comment Pointless (Score 1) 475

I really don't understand this at all. Once you buy the phone (subsidized or not) it should be *yours* to do with as you please. The argument that it protects the carrier from you switching to another provider is ridiculous. If you buy a subsidized phone, sign the contract, and then jump ship, you still have to pay an ETF if you move what's the big deal? At that point, you've paid for the phone. There is no way this should be a law.

Comment No right to mock... (Score 1, Interesting) 211

Whether it's proper use (whatever that means) of the term "native HTML5" or not, what Microsoft is implying is that their browser is the only one that runs HTML5 (specifically some of the graphics and video layers) directly on top of Windows Vista/7 graphical subsystems tied directly to hardware. I'm sure it employs technologies like WPF, DirectX, and so on. The competitors (Mozilla, Opera, Google, and Apple) support hardware acceleration, but they do it their own way--almost like they "hacked together" support for true hardware acceleration. Firefox and Chrome's rendering of complex 3D scenes is still jerky and relatively slow *especially* compared to IE. I've also noticed that Firefox's live preview renderings (for parts of Aero) are absolutely awful. They might as well not even exist at all. I'm not really an IE user, but I have to give kudos to Microsoft for the raw performance of IE 9 and 10. It really takes advantage of modern hardware. Other browser vendors should stop mocking and take some solid notes.

Comment The survey fails to consider one glaring issue (Score 1) 443

The problem with this survey is that it takes into account only the opinions of *early adopters.* Most of those are almost assuredly Apple fanbois who are willing to praise anything the company releases, no matter how good, bad, or flawed (uh...iPhone 4 anyone??). Reporting that Steve Jobs is happy with Apple would be more news than is this survey...

Comment Vaporware (Score 1) 202

AFAIK, Hulu has never ever promised anyone anywhere an app of any kind. There have been rumors that an app is in the works, and is "just a few months away," but these speculative reports (released every few months) are the only thing I've seen. So, if by "hulu app for iPhone and iPad" they mean "rumors of a hulu app for iPhone and iPad," then they're totally successful...

Submission + - Apple still using Quicktime on its own website (

RandomPsychology writes: Apple and Steve Jobs condemn anyone supporting Flash over HTML5 standards, but still use Quicktime--a highly proprietary technology developed by Apple itself--on its own websites. Not only is Quicktime less of a standard than is Flash, but is less likely to be installed and working on consumer's machines than is Flash. Why in the world would Apple make such an egregious error as to push HTML5 while still using its own antiquated video technology? Actions speak louder than words.

Submission + - Facebook to kill Facebook Connect for Open Graph (

An anonymous reader writes: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced today that Facebook Connect will soon be no more. The company will replace the complex process with their simpler Open Graph Protocol/API. "Design rule of the Facebook Open Graph API: You don’t need an SDK or documentation, just a web browser and CURL to debug a page". They are finally adopting the OAuth 2.0 standard.

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