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Comment Good Riddance (Score 1) 125

While the article metnions the awful client software and (easily bypassed, but still annoying) DRM and WMA format, perhaps my greatest issues with it were the metadata and album completion.

Simply trying to download an album from their selection would usually reveal that several tracks were missing. In my brief time using it, I found very few complete albums. I had wondered if this was a copyright issue with certain songs, but I discovered that some of the missing songs from albums were present on compilation albums by the same artist.

Once you had perhaps piecemealed an album together from Ruckus's offerings, the metadata was often horrible. Even without assembling an album from different tracks, I found that songs from an album would have different album titles, incorrect song names, missing or incorrect track numbers, or sometimes even the incorrect artist. I would often have to correct the metadata on a file-by-file basis instead of trying to identify what song it really was in my Winamp music library.

The fact that the organization no longer exists comes as no surprise to me.

Submission + - I boned kdawson's sister (

An anonymous reader writes: Yeah, I totally fucked kdawson's sister. It wasn't very good though, and now I have strange bumps on my member.

Submission + - Radiohead with "name your own price" LP7

JP writes: "Radiohead have announced a new record via their blog The album is to be released ten days from now. What is particularly novel is that you can choose whatever price you wish to pay for the digital download only version of the record or you can purchase an LP/CD combo box. It's already sorta "slashdotted" via pitchfork and a million other news sites. Merge records also has seemed to follow this pattern of giving fans inexpensive downloads (with merge it's via or premium physical goods with high grade vinyl and artwork etc. I'm sure we are seeing the intermediate future of popular music distribution, although Radiohead have an obvious unique existing "marketshare" to be able to pull this off more easily."

Submission + - Radiohead announces new album, pay what you want (

Evdawg writes: "Radiohead left a surprise announcement on their blog this morning, announcing the release of their new album "In Rainbows". Unsigned to a record label, they are distributing the album via digital downloads starting October 10th. What's interesting is that the consumer chooses the price they pay for the album, $0.00 being an acceptable value. This is the distribution format that consumers have been wanting for years. Will it work out for Radiohead?"

Submission + - kdawson sucks rotting dicks

An anonymous reader writes: Stop posting non-stories.

Submission + - Radiohead lets you choose the price of music (

tehnoir writes: Apparently Trent Reznor isn't the only one getting away from the standard music industry mentality. Radiohead currently has their upcoming album available for pre-order. Currently you can order a box set for the album, or you can order a digital download of the album for whatever you think you should pay. While you must fill in an actual value, 0 is acceptable. Hopefully as more and more artists start exploring new avenues for release, the rest of the industry will catch on; though I'm not holding my breath yet.

Submission + - New Radiohead album's price: You choose

syphoon writes: British band Radiohead have announced the forthcoming release of their new album "In Rainbows" on October 10th. Unencumbered by a label contract, they have opted to sell it as both a download and a disc box. The interesting part? Not only will it be DRM-free, but the price of the download is completely up to the customer.

Submission + - Radiohead allows fans to decide on price 2

radicalskeptic writes: "Radiohead, a band known to be unhappy with other music download services, has decided to release their next album, "In Rainbows", in two formats: a £40 boxed set and a digital download. What's the catch? Customers who purchase the digital download are able to name their own price for the album. This is the first Radiohead release since their contract with EMI expired. As "The Majors" continue to lose relevance, can we expect more of this type of experimentation and flexibility from independent artists?"

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