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Submission + - DHS likely to cancel virtual border fence (

GovTechGuy writes: A Department of Homeland Security official admitted the department's billion dollar virtual fence program has been largely a failure and said the program will likely be significantly scaled back. The project, originally slated to cover over 500 miles of the Arizona to Texas U.S. border with Mexico has produced ineffective, costly technology and that only covers 50 miles.

The original plan called for sensors, cameras and radar towers to be installed along the Southwest border to detect illegal immigratnts. DHS' admission came after withering testimony from Randolph Hite of the Government Accountability Office on the state of the virtual fence program, known as SBInet. Hite said SBInet has been troubled since its outset and plagued by frequently changing milestones, management weaknesses and performance shortfalls. As a result he said the Department has little to show after spending most of the program's $1.3 billion budget.

Comment Re:Misleading Summary and Linked Article (Score 1) 738

Alltel had true unlimited wireless. Just before Verizon ate them, I purchased a data plan for two years. I actually have unlimited access with no surcharges above 5GB. Last month, I pulled a bit over 50GB with my normal bill.

I'm just hoping that something better will come along before the contract expires. I live out in the boonies, and we have one (oversubscribed) ISP provider who would be glad to sell me 128K access for $70/month. The hailstorms here would destroy any satellite antennas, so that's out.

Comment Research your choices (Score 2, Informative) 456

When you're going to get a new host, and it's not a name company (hostgator, dreamhost, etc.) do your research. There are a ton of resellers selling stuff from other resellers. It's like the Amway of the Internet. Look at the whois for your new host. If it's hidden behind one of those obfuscation services, it's a red flag. Look at the name servers. If it's the same as the host ( it's a plus. If it's something else, go look at the website of the name'll probably find it's where they're re-reselling hostspace. Try to get upline as much as possible, since if one of those people forgets to pay the bill, you're screwed with no (worthwhile) recourse.

I would suggest not going with IXWebhosting. They've been hit with injection attacks for over two years on an almost daily basis. I was with them for years until they were compromised. They will also blame you, saying your website was insecure...except I had fifteen domains that were parked with a single HTML page that just said "go away" hacked.

Make sure they're available 24/7, and that they answer the phones. My current VPS host (InMotionHosting) answered the phone at 1am and placed my order.

Watch out for all the "review" sites. Do a whois and you'll find many are owned by the hosts that get top billing. At the very least, every host review should have some negative hits from a disgruntled webmaster. Look for the ones that lay it all out, warts and all.

Never ever expect your host to back up your website. If it's not in your possession, it doesn't exist, unless you're lucky. Cron jobs are nice for dumping databases to a backup.

I personally like dedicated IPs. Since it seems you're multi-hosting, see if shared or individual IPs are available. Also, check to see if wildcard or sub-domains ( are available.

Best of luck to you.


Submission + - CompTIA changes their tune about lifetime certs (

garg0yle writes: Recently, it was reported that CompTIA had changed their A+, Network+, and Security+ certifications — rather than being "for life", there would now be a recertification requirement through continuing-education credits (and an accompanying fee). Needless to say, this made a lot of people very unhappy, and today it was announced that CompTIA has reversed their decision. Basically, any certification obtained before 2011 will still be "for life".

Submission + - Holiday E-Commerce DDOS Attack hits EC2 Cloud (

ARos writes: Holiday DDOS attack targets west-coast DNS provider, known for serving large-scale E-Commerce sites (incl.,

In a message posted on Twitter, Jeff Barr of Amazon Web Services wrote that the retailer's outages were mostly in the US West Coast, and took down S3 and EC2 — as well as in "many places."!

Submission + - SPAM: FBI issues code cracker challenge

coondoggie writes: The FBI today posted a pictogram on its site and challenged code crackers to solve its mysteries. In the bureau's challenge it is using pictogram symbols based on Native American motifs. The challenge offers over 50 words to decipher.
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Comment Re:Get a 2560x1600 monitor and run at 1280x800 (Score 3, Funny) 549

I can see the tech support calls now...

User: "I have pop-ups taking the whole screen and playing ads for beer and cars all the time. Then something happens so my mouse disappears and things move all over the screen by themselves. Is this a new virus?"

Tech Support: "No, that's the Denver Broncos game. What's the score?"

Comment USB "port" connected to second power cord (Score 1) 382

Gets rid of all those nasty attempts to break in. Sometimes will get rid of nasty Bobbies. Make sure you put a little lightning sticker near the port so you can say, "Well, it was marked as power, but the gent plugged it in there anyway and started a cool light show. I assumed he knew what he was doing."

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