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Comment Re:Another perspective (Score 1) 1218

Yeah, going to have to second that one. Pre-WWII education was all primer-based, you know, one-room schoolhouse, prep 'em for the factory and what-not. School as a thing just has to suck - it all seems so reasonable and solvable from where you are, but really: you have to recognize what the 50th percentile really is - just imagine the stupidest cashier you've ever met, and move down another standard deviation - not just for Americans, but for humans. It's a public system - cost-benefit analysis and so on. Everyone knows the poorest kids are screwed no matter what, and the richest can afford to buy their degrees. The industrious middle can do all their "think about it" stuff on their own time, and learn to excel.

People, on average, are just kind of stupid. Governments can throw money at that all day, for very few percentage points. Honestly, yeah, maybe we don't need that jet-fighter, but don't give any of that cash to the schools, it's just throwing it away. Make them hold their damn bake-sales.

Comment Re:I have an organ donor card... (Score 1) 516

I guess you're going for some kind of contrary position here, but there are a lot of people alive because of transplants. They're not sequestered away or anything. Perfectly healthy, normal, and long-lived, as well as easy to find. Many, many people. I don't think your information is accurate, and even if the rates are as low as you hint at, I think the q-o-l issue has been mischaracterized to you.

This is clearly biased, but it's not a false front; these are real humans:

Comment Re:Our own backyard? (Score 2) 167

Exactly. Any such new information would be integrated so fast... well, really fast. Blink of an eye. "Of course there is life in the stars, just as prophesied by our spiritual leader in verse blah-blah-blah." The only people who would be labelled heretics would be any earthling who would suggest that the aliens could possibly be atheists.

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