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Comment Re:A Misleading Statement in the Article (Score 2) 93

Interesting link! the ground water rule would be the specific one that applies here? It will be fun to see how quickly the EPA or other organisations mobilise based on this data. It sounds like a lot of work to remedy these problems once found.

Comment Examples of Artifacts (Score 1) 79

Mostly they show up when in creative mode because you can have areas of the scene that can't be pulled into focus, and when shooting dirty glass. I've been really happy with the picture quality in general though, and am sure that improvements in the software/algorithms will help a lot.

Also this article makes for an interesting read.

Comment Re:I say potato and you say.. (Score 1) 558

I think the big question is about how the legal system tries to separate the ability of a human mind to weigh and process information to reach a decision from the collection of facts and evidence presented as part of a trial. The jurors sought are those at the intersection between people with large collections of 'well processed' information and those with no knowledge that could in any way relate to the case. This is like saying that for a fair peer-review of a synthetic biology paper should be performed by an electrical engineer or a statistician, or a sociology paper reviewed by an ecologist. A solid paper would have to be understandable and deemed correct by such a reviewer with reference to an agreed upon collection of textbooks. Even in these cases the common language of math is often shared, and it must be acknowledged that differences in math comprehension could alter the weighting of a paper (for example, knowledge of stochastic modeling...). If a sociology educated reviewer consulted wikipedia for their knowledge of island biogeography in a review of an ecology paper, they risk contamination of that space in the knowledge landscape previously agreed upon as being virgin. This information, even if recognized as inaccurate or deemed by the reviewer to be unimportant, may inadvertently alter the interpretation of the paper. I personally think that, just as peer reviews in academia are most efficiently performed by experts in the same field, a jury should be comprised of a collection of experts with diverse opinions and backgrounds, culled only for direct knowledge of the case, bias, and inability to communicate and work towards common understanding or solutions (in other words the ability to adjust their interpretations in light of new data or better fitting models). However under the current system mistrials based on something like this do make sense. I also agree that the juror should be held responsible for the infraction. If you want access to materials on a topic you should be able to request, for example, a list of paper abstracts or a summary agreed upon by both sides. We need to also remember that the 'information' a jury is required to consider may consist of much incorrect data and many deliberate omissions. reaching a verdict is really a pretty abstract puzzle to solve, and extra or different pieces can lead to new options for solutions, so much of the process is dedicated to controlling variables.
First Person Shooters (Games)

Infinity Ward Fights Against Modern Warfare 2 Cheaters 203

Faithbleed writes "IW's Robert Bowling reports on his twitter account that Infinity Ward is giving 2,500 Modern Warfare 2 cheaters the boot. The news comes as the war between IW and MW2's fans rages over the decision to go with IWnet hosting instead of dedicated servers. Unhappy players were quick to come up with hacks that would allow their own servers and various other changes." Despite the dedicated-server complaints, Modern Warfare 2 has sold ridiculously well.

Herschel Spectroscopy of Future Supernova 21

davecl writes "ESA's Herschel Space Telescope has released its first spectroscopic results. These include observations of VYCMa, a star 50 times as massive as the sun and soon to become a supernova, as well as a nearby galaxy, more distant colliding starburst galaxies and a comet in our own solar system. The spectra show more lines than have ever been seen in these objects in the far-infrared and will allow astronomers to work out the detailed chemistry and physics behind star and planet formation as well as the last stages of stellar evolution before VYCMa's eventual collapse into a supernova. More coverage is available at the Herschel Mission Blog, which I run."

Comment Fight, Megaman, for everlasting peace (Score 1) 478

I think the government is moving along quite nicely. Maybe within a few years they will have robot versions of all forms of animal life, fighting our wars, chopping our trees, dropping our bombs. Its always good to see a major poitical orginization take its ideas from a best-selling videogame series. Maybe they can call these things "Reploids", I dunno, has a nice ring to it.

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