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Comment A hard choice. (Score 1) 479

I think it'd be a hard pressed debate to determine which console really was the best, as the concept of best will usually bring back feelings of which system evoked the most fun for the user. This can be seen in the comments here as individuals have rallied behind every system released.

Ultimately, however, this isn't a bad thing, as it tells a great deal about how we view games! For many of us, the best console is the one we grew up with. Why? Because it's the one we spent hours playing on, hanging out with friends, united in a common goal of beating a game, discovering its secrets, and mastering its levels. I know of no person who has gone to an earlier game system they haven't played and enjoyed it more than the one designed in their generation.

This tells me it isn't so much the game and the console that make a system great (although, they obviously play a part) but more the company kept and memories made with that system that breed its loyalties. Video gaming is a social event afterall. ;)

Aside from this, we have to concede without bias, that each console brought something to the table others did not, with the rare non-impact of a few systems whose names are nearly lost to time.

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