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Comment Yes, I agree, here is why (Score 1) 372

The problem is languages are old, and complex. C, even C++ are too old, designed decades ago, modified to adapt, but old. Even PHP, Python with its simplicity are behind of today's needs. Today's needs are a mixture of things like PHP and JS frameworks or Java and C++ and mix that with Server Administration, Cloud. In that mix itis the reality that a lot of the work is done by solving the real need (like managing a warehouse and inventory) and the rest is accounting or trying to find logic in ilogical and even stupid management fails. Programming is trying to mimick a problem and then create a solution and improve it... but we are basing everything in stupidity, things that we don't need, like you can create an amazing game concept but you need to adorn it with a good interface because otherwise you lost all the OCD potential customers. Or creating an amazing and organized form than nobody uses because it is boring or lacks JS validation because people can't stand a freaking page reload even with a high speed conection. It is a problem. Because simplicity is not part of our lifestyle anymore, we are using old solutions in a world that "evolves" in things we don't really need. That is the result. Not to be confused with real evolve or change, that will always be faster, but at least (maybe) well ordered.

Comment Re: Get a different job. (Score 1) 4

Thanks for the reply. I understand your point though I do not share it. In fact I've found that it is possible to change the behaviour, it is not easy all the times. One way to change it, the simple (maybe) is to actually point out the issues, like spending too much time in tasks that can be automated in different ways without making a lot of changes or even investing too much time or money. Second one is inform people, check their job, see how much time they spend, specially when there are extra hours involved. Do some basic math and show them (and ask them) if their time is worth that amount of money (even in well payed jobs, the relation makes them think). Sometimes people will discard it (r most of the time) but I can asure you the thought / concept will remain with tem, eventually they will change or use or misuse the concept and fail again... that is learning anyway, we all need to make mistakes in order to see we were mistaken. I just wanted to share and see what other ways are to deal with that. There are other ways beyond moving on and acceptance. Though I do recognize that sometimes (when people is very closed in) that is the more efficient way to go. At least for the time.

Submission + - How do you promote inteligent changes in your job? 4

Ramirozz writes: An scenario we all have witnessed: people avoiding change and spending more hours than necessary for the sake of you-name-it cultural design, managers avoiding change because the solutions seem expensive to develop / implement, employees dodging important practices (like doing backups) citing lack of time. After 15 years of working in IT I've witnessed different ways to deal with the problem, from presenting data to induced fear on loss of data / money. Different people, different methods. But the end point is to find a more efficient way to make changes and improve productivity. Make things easier. What methods, stories or experiences the community has on ways to improve things at work?

Comment Yeah, and electric cars are impossible to build (Score 5, Interesting) 270

When someone with technical background says "It cannot be changed" it smells corruption. There are times when things cannot be changed because technical constrains (that should fade with time), time, money, etc. Everything can be changed if it is well designed and based on something real. But this is based on money and profit, it can change, and it should be chaged, as soon as possible. This is not a technical problem or limitation, this is stupidity at the service of profit.

Comment Like they care (Score 2) 192

"A poorly written interconnection rule could create a lot of work for lawyers without actually preventing abusive practices" Like they care... if it generates profits (and it will or will appear it will) they will do it... this is not about best use of technology or even fighting piracy or reducing latency... this is just about money and control.

Comment Re:Callous knobhead (Score 1) 265

Mmm... the entire article is about the relationship between food prices and uprisings. My reply went to the other guy who mentioned third world people reproducing like rabbits was the problem, which is not. That is why that answer. About the economic system, I don't know what your doubt is about my claim. Each country has its own variables, but the game is the same.

Comment Re:The Bread Price (Score 0) 265

Exactly... and that has a name: inflation. People confuse religion / poverty / food supply with the problem. There are countries in that list which are first world countries. So, if it is not food production (which since more than 100 years ago, scarcity was solved with technology) what do they all have in common? the economic / banking system. Same pattern all over the world: speculation, debt rising, inflation... price increase, increased gap and inequality... it turns to crime, more poor, lack of jobs and opportunities... when it hits the middle class, uprisings are a common thing.

Comment Re:My formula (Score 1) 265

I would say Stupid economic system (speculation, scarcity, inflation) -> Bad Governmen -> Angry People -> Uprising... it is a chain. This will happen even in relatively peaceful places like Costa Rica. Check the pattern: the system creates money based on inflation, inflation makes everything cost more (or money worth less and less, as you want to see it), Governments can't keep up, ever (see the US... even China has a huge debt), more borrowing, food and basic services fail, roads fail, infrastructure fails, labor oportunities go down, inequality, raise of racism, crime (poeple fighting each other for stuff). It begins with the poor and immigrants (the one with less oportunities) then the middle class follows... when an important part of the middle class is affected, riots start.

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