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Comment Re:Le sigh. (Score 1) 552

"Funny, I played a lot of PC versions of Xbox 1 titles on a Celeron OC'd to 464 MHz, a Geforce 2 MX, though I did have 256 MB RAM. Ran games great on XP."

Yes, XBox ONE.... The Xbox 360 is a completely different beast and is a new from the ground up redesign, including a PowerPC-family processor (FYI all current consoles use PowerPC processors). The original XBox was nothing more than a modified PC, which accounted for its size and power-consumption. It's also why there are a limited number of games from the original XBox that will play on the 360 since it must use a virtual machine and emulation to translate x86 opcodes to PPC.

Comment Try a DreamPlug as the ultimate router.... (Score 1) 307

15 watts max power dissipation, runs 1.2GHz ARM processor w/Debian or Ubuntu. Has dual 1GbE ports, eSATA, SDHC, (Internal 4GB microSD w/OS/kernel), 2 USB host, 512MB of RAM. Oh and it has built-in audio in/out, optical (SPDIF) audio out, Bluetooth 3.0, and Wifi B/G/N that automatically configures itself as a bridging access point. $159 here:

I have nothing to do with the company, just a happy customer. Using the latest Debian repos make updates a breeze and with that amount of RAM it has no problems running anything you'd every need for routing/file services/print/etc. I use one at work and have been meaning to get another for home use as my DD-WRT is getting a little long in the tooth.

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