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Comment Re:This is more proof (Score 1) 279

To be honest, the DMV doesn't force you to use their services. It's not mandatory for every citizen in the US to drive, or write checks. Yes, it's pretty damn useful, and a lot of jobs require it, but the DMV doesn't force anyone to get a license.

Nope the DMV doesn't force you to have a Drivers License but you bright bulbs do realize that the DMV also issues the State Non-Driver ID you need if you don't have a Drivers License. Want a job you better have an ID to show or you can explain to ICE that you're really a Citizen and they can ask your Mom! Want to leave Town for a bit of Vacation DHS says you need to have that State ID or your Drivers License to board a Bus, Train, or Plane! Want an Apartment, Electric, Phone Service, Insurance then you better have some piece of ID from your local DMV!

Comment Re:penalties (Score 1) 155

Does 'knowingly' still apply if the process is automated? They probably just search on the titles of their movies and have a script takedown every hit.

If you make claims while using an automated system that you know is going to make false claims, and force take-downs, then you are guilty of knowingly violating Section 512(f). Warner Bros just figured that all the take-downs would be against Individuals with small pockets whom they would never fear hearing from in Court.

Comment Re:Yeah, Right... (Score 1) 40

Judge: Release the records.

Government: No.

Judge: What?? I said release them!

Government: We said no.

Judge: Release them, or else!

Government: Or else what?

Judge: Due to your refusal to comply with a Court order any evidence you gathered due to the use of GPS data is unusable in these proceedings!

Comment Re:Why hasn't it clicked yet? (Score 1) 219

When the industry starts giving people what they want - DRM-free stuff they can 'own' and use whichever way they like, at a reasonable price - then piracy will go down.

Once again you and people like you are utterly clueless. You can go and buy DVD's, CD's and whatnot today AND you can use them for your own personal and private use pretty much any way you would like.

What you cannot do is decide to share them with the world by putting them on the net for anyone to download for free and that is what they have their panties in a bunch about.

My wife just loves John Mayer's music. We but it, she puts a copy on her iPod ( which she uses while bike riding and at the gym) through iTunes, we burn a copy of the CD and put on in the CD changer in the car and the original gets put into the CD collection. Guess what, the EVIL record companies don;t give a shit about that.

The EVIL record companies would take us to court if I set up a server, burned everything to MP3 and then connected it to the net, then advertised it on TPB!

If anyone is clueless I'd say it you since it seems you haven't kept track of what those Evil Record companies have actually said in court! Might want to check a discussion from 2007 here on Slashdot about just that in RIAA Argues That MP3s From CDs Are Unauthorized

Comment Re:I'd allow it (Score 1) 191

I know this is an unpopular view here, but I don't have any problem with it, as long as your whearabouts once your vehicle crosses a private property line is inadmissible. The cops can already get this information by dangerously and expensively tailing you or flying over your head, and they can do that without a warrant; why should obtaining the same information from a GPS be any different? I just don't see how your whereabouts of your vehicle on public roads creates any expectation of privacy.

To the argument that the GPS device is a modification to your property: I don't see how it's any more of a modification than the meter maid putting a chalk mark on your tires.

There should be reasonable suspicion, to be sure (just about any law enforcement activity requires it), but I don't think a GPS tracker crosses the line into needing probable cause and a warrant. Tracking your location on public roads is neither search nor seizure. The govt. built and owns the road; if you don't like it, don't drive.

1) The whole purpose of the GPS, or physically following, is to see what private property lines they cross. You think the Officers would place a GPS on your vehicle so they could see the roads you traveled?
2) Sure they could tail the person but in order to do so they would have to give the folks upstairs a valid reason for expending the man hours the same as they'd have to show a judge for a warrant. That is why they went the GPS route since its cheap and they're few Supervisors are going to put them back on the beat for wasting a $25 tracker!
3) You seem to forget that that it was Taxpayer money that pays for the Highways and the Taxpayers own them! Oh and that same Government has to follow that pesky Constitution.
4) Any time the Government gathers information on an Individual it is a search.

Comment Re:Why not just bill him? (Score 1) 2058

How is there a world of difference? Since he didn't pay the Firefighters would not have been covered by the Fire companies insurance if they had been injured.

As to the idea of it being the Firefighters fault if someone died in that house because they hadn't been doing their jobs. It would have actually been the Homeowners fault because he had never paid anyone to do said job. The Firefighters were doing their jobs in that they were protecting the properties where they had been paid to do the job.

Comment Re:Uh.. (Score 1) 2058

It set the precedent that your human beings.

I don't know why this is missed by people here, but OBVIOUSLY you would bill him for putting it out. OBVIOUSLY I mean the entire cost not the 75 dollars.

I would get fired before I let someones home burn down. To hide behind 'policy' and rules is a way to cover up entrenched callousness and cowardice.

The whole thing reeks of 3rd world policy.

Fun to see all the whack Jobs who keep focusing on the "Forgotten payment" without realizing what wasn't in force due to that fee not being paid! The Fellow lived outside of the Fire Company's coverage zone which meant that unless he was paying for the service there was no insurance coverage for any Firefighters who might have been hurt while fighting said fire!

You could accept the firing for putting out the fire but have you thought through what else you'd be accepting? You would also be willfully accept paying for the equipment damage out of your own pocket since there was no coverage for said equipment! You'd also be accepting the fact that you'd be paying out of your own pocket for treatment of any injuries you might sustain.

Comment Re:What a sham! (Score 1) 833

That'd be hard, since in the new system it doesn't display a character unless you choose to associate one. If you choose to do so, then yes, it would probably link it.

It's all spelled out in the actual article, which you haven't read closely enough ;) (Though to be fair, there's a LOT of people who miss that point. They really should be bolding that or increasing its font size or something)

You might want to dig a bit deeper into RealID and not just what has been said on that thread. They've said RealID will be used on the Forums, not that 1st and last will be used, which means your RealID will be connected to your list of characters.

Comment Re:What a sham! (Score 1) 833

Nonsense. First, Blizzard already has the real name associated with an account. If they want, they can already do all that data-mining you're so concerned about. The publishing of the RealID names on the forum are completely unrelated to this.

Second, the forums only show your name. Not what characters you belong to. Not even what server you play on (disclaimer: you do have the option to associate with a character, but its not on by default).

So how is any of this not just tinfoil hat ravings?

Ooops I guess someone forgot to let you in on the fact that clicking on a posters name will take you to the Armory list of all their characters. Pesky things all little side notes the folks screaming about "Tin Hats" just gloss over.



Everyone who is slagging off steam, try it before you complain. I have had ZERO problems with steam, before I was a sceptic and now I am a convert.

Is that like a rape victim learning to like it?

The auto-patching auto-updating goodness is worth its weight in gold.

Compared to what? Logging on seeing there is an update and clicking a button? Maybe if you weren't tied to Steam you wouldn't need all those updates that have more to do with Steam then they do with game play!

Never had a problem playing offline or whatever.

I've never had a problem with any of my games either but of course I only have to have the game running. No need to ask some other program and servers for permission first!

Rebuild a PC? no issue, unlimited re-downloads, much easier to kick off steam and walk away than dig out masses of discs, then go through hours or hunt and patch, etc.

Hmmm! Masses of discs? Ok what Eras games are you talking about since I haven't seen a single game in 5 years that wasn't on a single DVD. I also don't go through hours of patches since I can keep everything backed up to a nice external drive so when I rebuild I only have to reinstall the game. Not the Steam client and the Game!

Games are CHEAP esp if you bag them on sale (GTA4 for 7 bucks USD, Op. Flashpoint Dragon Rising for 5 bucks etc.)

Yep they sure are but its my money paying for them and not Steams so Steam shouldn't be decidding what I can do with the game when I get bored with it! Maybe you enjoy having someone telling you what you can do with something you own and what you can do with it but I like retaining full ownership after I pay for it!

Comment Re:LOL (Score 1) 332

Since I'm from the Northern Great Plains, American Indian and a Great Plains Indian Wars historian just wanted you to know that it wasn't a genocide.

The Indian Wars were a low intensity conflict between small US Army units and small warrior bands.

90% of the American Indian population on the Great Plains were not killed, in fact only 8-9,000 American Indians died in the Great Plains from 1850-1900.

So the fact remains, the Federal Government is pushing a religion in BIA funded schools.

God! Are they still paying guys like you to do history rewrites? Do you still use that old History book that leaves out all of Custer's killing of women, children, and elders while burning villages before his "Heroic" last stand?
I also guess you and the poster you were commenting on are youngsters since you think teaching Tribal customs is Gov. funded religion. I say this since it seems you weren't forced to take a last name (for Church/Gov records), attend Sunday services, or do a daily prayer in order to attend school like Myself, and the generations before you!

Comment Re:Story is bogus; either way I don't care (Score 1) 306

Apple says they're not charging a fee for this. Being the control freaks they usually are, they're working on opening it to everyone rather than just letting it out there: "We're releasing the open specs for iTunes LP soon, allowing both major and indie labels to create their own. There is no production fee charged by Apple."

OMG! If Apple has said this after being accused of doing something shady we know the accusation must not be true! We all know how scrupulous Apple is about the truth!

So how long is "Soon"? Is it per chance as long as say the continued review of the Google Voice app for Iphone?

Comment Re:What do you bet... (Score 1) 509

There are nonlethal means of defending one's self, these days. While most may only work at arm's reach, that's also the range you're most likely to be at, in a situation you'd want to use a gun defensively. ... and have any realistic chance of it being effective, anyway.

You do realize that those same nonlethal means you speak off are also banned in most of the cities that also ban, or make it difficult, to obtain a gun permit. In cities like NYC you'll face the same weapon charges as someone caught with an illegal firearm.

Comment Sure not thinking outside the box (Score 1) 785

What these "Brainiacs" at St. Ansgar have failed to realize is that in order to cover the whole school they would also have to jam the surrounding public area. Maybe someone in their science department should enlighten them to how radio signals propagate!
There is no way to restrict the jamming to just the school! Hell if they are paying $5000 for the system it could probably jam as far as five miles which in an urban area would be a disaster! This is the reason its against the law to even build one in the US.

They should just go with the system the NYC schools use. Student cell phones are banned from school property and are confiscated when found.

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