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Comment My list (Score 1) 867

OS/360 was my first (yes, I'm an old greybeard Dino-pen guy)
Then TRS-DOS, CP/M, DOS, RedHat (couldn't get it to boot), Mandrake, Gentoo (actually taught me Linux)

Now I'm running 2 Centos servers, a Gentoo server, a Debian server, an Arch workstation, 2 Debian workstations (one's a lappy), and a Win7 Gaming box.


Comment Backwards graphical implentation (Score 1) 1264

Every time I make a cd for a non-linux user, they always call me complaining that it crashed during install. I then have to explain that it's the graphics "saving" their screen, and to observe the install process, hit the shift key every 5 minutes. Then I have to walk them through telling X to NOT blank the screen. Leave screen blanking OFF by default, with an option to turn it ON.

In almost all distro's, X ignores the DE's power saving commands. Debian is the only one off the top that I've never had to tweak (and create) the X conf file, and it still blanks the screen during install.

A majority of them give up and go back to windows, who, at least in this case, gets it right.

Having to set the dpi for large displays manually kills linux as a HTPC for anything over 32". Sure you can set it manually, but to do that you have to connect it to a small display first. Windows get that right also.

Come on devs, it's 2012 and we still have these kind of problems?

Why is this do damn hard?


Comment Re:Musicians demand loudness (Score 1) 382

I feel your pain. I fixed, or worked around, this problem on movies by using subtitles. I had an S.O. that could not keep her yap shut during a movie. The louder I turned up the volume, the louder she yapped. With the subs on, I caught the movie dialog, plus it bugged the crap out of her. :)


Comment Re:Drobo? (Score 1) 320

A lie is still a lie. Once I reach 3.58 TB, I run out of space even though the NAS reports plenty. And where do I put a new drive? I already have all 5 slots filled.Even if I installed all 5 slots with 3tb drives, which is the largest it supports (for now), I still won't get the advertised 17tb.3+3+3+3+3=15tb, minus 3 for the "raid 5", leaves 12tb. If I can't trust a NAS to do math correctly on the file system size, how can I trust it to keep my data safe?

Every raid I admin, with the exception of the Drobo, has the ability to accurately report the volume size.

As far as reformatting the raid when adding a drive, I can resize all day long with LVM and not lose data.

And yes, I did read the manual. It mentions nothing about the volume size problem. The only thing it mentions is if you don't want to use the dashboard, map the drive in windows just like any other NAS.


Comment Re:Drobo? (Score 2) 320

Stay away from Drobo. I just bought a new unit, and the only way to see how much "real" free space you have is to use their windows based dashboard program. I have five 1TB drives in mine, the dashboard reports 3.5tb, while the filesystem mounted on both windows and linux report I have 17TB of space on the drives. I contacted their support, and they say it's as designed.


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