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Portables (Games)

Submission + - ID Software bringing DOOM to tiny screens near you

CambodiaSam writes: It appears that Id Software is teaming up with Fountainhead Entertainment to create Id Mobile, focused on bringing games to mobile devices. And you thought typing email tiny keyboard was hard, try focusing your attention to just W A S and D.
November 15, 2007 — The people behind such industry definers as DOOM and Quake are putting their money on mobile gaming. Today, id Software announced the launch of id Mobile, an entirely new division created by both id Software and Fountainhead Entertainment. id Mobile will be overseen by Katherine Anna Kang, founder of Fountainhead and former Director of Business Development at id Software.

The announcement is timed with the release of Orcs & Elves II on mobile, a sequel to Fountainhead's bestselling original, as well as Orcs & Elves for the Nintendo DS. Orcs & Elves for the DS is an upgrade of the mobile original with additional content. id Mobile is also announcing a mobile edition of its popular Wolfenstein series, as well as a sequel to DOOM RPG, the first mobile game worked on by id Software founder John Carmack.

id Mobile is dedicated not only to cellphone gaming, but also forays into DS and PlayStation portable development, although no additional game announcements for those platforms have been released at this time.

Submission + - GAO rips airline security; bomb materials get in (

coondoggie writes: "With only a week before the busiest airline travel day of the year the Government Accounting Office today issued a scathing and chilling report on airline security: Bomb making materials costing less that $150 were purchased and carried past airport security screening in 19 US airports."

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