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Comment Re: Trolling in the summary (Score 3, Insightful) 277

How many of those people in socialized healthcare systems have you interacted with? I've talked with a number of Australians, in Australia, and they were all pretty satisfied with their healthcare. They also all paid less for it (via tax) than I pay for my healthcare here in the US, and they actually get something for it.

I pay out the ass for healthcare, even after my employer pays 2/3s of the cost, and it pays for jack shit. It's cheaper for me to tell the doctor that I don't have insurance and just pay the cash rate.

Healthcare for the common citizen is shit in the US, and anybody who thinks otherwise is either ignorant, or delusional. The vast majority of us would pay LESS under socialized medicine, but that wouldn't make the establishment rich.

Comment Re: And the next food craze starts (Score 1) 176

Creatures the world over eat meat, almost exclusively that of other species. Not one that I know of, with the exception of humans, drinks the milk of another species, and none, with the exception again of humans, drink milk after they "grow up." Milk is designed to develop an infant, that's it. It's actually pretty disgusting if you give it some rational thought.

Comment Re:And the next food craze starts (Score 3, Insightful) 176

Milk was never important for you. It started because somebody, somewhere was starving, decided that they liked it, and kept drinking it. Once it became a growth industry, that industry started marketing it as, "good for you," because they wanted more money. Would you drink human milk? No? Then why would you drink milk from a different species? Milk that's designed to develop a tiny baby into a two-thousand pound being. There's nothing good about it, people just like it, and grasp at straws to make themselves think it's not bad for them.

Comment Re: is uber smart or stupid? (Score 1) 92

The difference is that freight legislation is not rooted in money, it's rooted in blood. The federal department of transportation won't let Uber ignore anything. They operate in a similar way to the FAA, neither is in it for money, and both could rightly be called overzealous, illogical, or misguided in many cases, but they don't look the other way when something makes a splash.

Comment Re:Has anyone bothered to ask why they want the li (Score 5, Informative) 858

Nothing Trump has said makes anybody think they would want this list for anything good. Trump is an ignorant, egotistical fool. I'm not even sure he means well, I think he's doing the whole president thing solely for his ego. While the backlash that would occur should the electoral college not install Trump would be massive, I think they would be fully justified in not voting for him. This is exactly why the electoral college exists, but it's unfortunate that there are no good alternatives to Trump right now. At least the alternatives wouldn't be doing it for their ego, and wouldn't be completely ignorant about pretty much everything.

Comment Re: But... (Score 2) 239

Actually, I think automated cars would solve some traffic issues. Around here, most freeway jams are caused by people not knowing how to merge and fucking the whole freeway over when they try to enter at 35 mph. Automated cars would be much better at merging.

They would also take interchange ramps at speed instead of slowing down too, which is the primary cause of fucking up a particular five mile stretch of freeway around here. So yes, traffic would get better with automated cars.

Comment Re: Soldering batteries (Score 2) 76

I replaced the battery on every phone I had that allowed me to, because I didn't, and still don't, need to replace the phone every two years. I would replace the battery in my Nexus 6 right now if I could because it's lost a noticeable amount of battery life, and again, I don't need, nor want, a new phone. You letting a phone company sell you a new phone because you fell for their marketing is your problem, not a reason for anybody else to not want to replace their phone's battery.

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