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Comment Re:How (Score 2) 213

Maybe it's targeted at all of the grammar nazis that pop up when the summary of a grammer article uses the wrong pronoun for its own example...

  "Everyone needs to be sure to tighten HE safety belt before approaching the cliff." Yup, I would totally default to "he" in that example. Thanks, summary!

(I'm aware that that isn't the intent of the article, but that's how the summary is presented.)

Comment Re:And then there was Kinect (Score 0) 95

I know you're talking about release issues, but I don't personally know anyone that has a current Playstation and does not have a current XBox. Playstation's online stuff was so awful to use that I gave up. I had a PS3 for over a year, only played it a few days during that time.

People may have pissed and moaned about things, but they still bought the product.

Comment Re:And then there was Kinect (Score 1) 95

- $100 higher price to cover the cost of Kinect -- a device few wanted
I've never bought a Kinect bundle. I don't recall that ever being the only option. If that was a release thing they must've backed down quick.

- the TV stuff and the Snap interface so you could split-screen TV and gaming -- providing a poor TV-watching experience and a poor gaming experience
All screen-in-screen stuff is terrible for doing either. It's really spiffy for Twitch streaming though, and you can now run things like Pandora in the background via Snap so it's not even on screen. I will never have to listen to repetitive game music again.

- a giant box that looked like a VCR with a big external power brick
Current XBox has a low enough profile to sit in front of my TV without blocking the picture and does not have an external power brick. They're learning.

- somewhat worse performance than the PS4 because of the speed of the RAM interface
I don't really care enough to make a point here...if there is a difference it's that insignificant during game play.

Comment Re:why should i care?` (Score 1) 554

By all means, Berkeley should make the material accessible to all of their students. Students from other schools needing said material should be going through THEIR OWN SCHOOL to get the same material made accessible. If their school says no, that's not Berkeley's problem any way you look at it. That is the problem people have with this.

There should not be a cost associated with voluntarily making content available to the public.

Comment Re:Crowded, tightly controlled market (Score 1) 3

I guess I didn't really address the question about YouTube. I don't think that altering the way YouTube presents music videos would help for the sole reason that there are way, way too many distractions on YouTube for it to be the focal point of any one thing. That isn't a bad thing, but it's not conducive to setting up a scene for any one topic. Yes, you can have channels that link to each other and form a network of sorts, but most people are going to be back to watching fails and cat videos two or three clicks later.

YouTube is a great place to host content, but as a sole source it leaves a lot to be desired. There's just too much noise.

Comment Crowded, tightly controlled market (Score 1) 3

About the best solution I can think up is something like Pandora with music and music videos, open and free to any band that wants to put music out there, with ads on the music showing where it's available. Said service would have to get by on donations from users AND artists, and it would be very important to keep the actual buying/selling of music separate from the service to prevent mandatory fees creeping in and to keep it open to anyone. It would be equally important to make sure that ever piece of work put in HAS an available purchasing source to link. Get enough people on board and it could work. It certainly wouldn't be easy.

The current method of throwing things at the wall (youtube, etc) and seeing what sticks isn't very good because said wall is at the end of a long, curving, deadend alleyway. Most people will never see it. There's also a big wall in between being popular locally and being popular nationally. With the exception of viral internet memes it takes time for things to spread, and new music comes out at a much faster rate than it takes, on average, to spread. I remember moving several states and hearing an "awesome new song" on the radio...that had been popular locally several years earlier where I moved from.

Submission + - US Federal Budget Proposal Cuts Science Funding (

hey! writes: The US Office of Management and Budget has released a budget "blueprint" which outlines substantial cuts in both basic research and applied technology funding.

The proposal includes a whopping 18% reduction in National Institutes of Health medical research. NIH does get a new 500 million fund to track emerging infectious agents like Zika in the US, but loses its funding to monitor those agents overseas.

The Department of Energy's research programs also get an 18% cut in research, potentially affecting basic physics research, high energy physics, fusion research, and supercomputing. Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA-E) gets the ax, as does the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Program which enabled Tesla to manufacture its Model S sedan.

EPA loses all climate research funding, and about half the research funding targeted at human health impacts of pollution. The EnergyStar program is eliminated Superfund funding is drastically reduced. The Chesapeake Bay and Great Lakes cleanup programs are also eliminated, as is all screening of pesticides for endocrine disruption.

In the Department of Commerce, Sea Grant is eliminated, along with all coastal zone research funding. Existing weather satellites GOES and JPSS continue funding, but JPSS-3 and -4 appear to be getting the ax. Support for transfer of federally funded research and technology to small and mid-sized manufacturers is eliminated.

NASA gets a slight trim, and a new focus on deep space exploration paid for by an elimination of Earth Science programs.

You can read more about this "blueprint" in Nature, Science, and the Washington Post, which broke the story.

Comment Re:So the question is... (Score 4, Informative) 99

I don't think flying ~500 miles away equates to a deer running scared from a sound in the woods. If this is the same story I saw yesterday, the birds in question had just settled in after a migration flight of 3000 miles or so total. After one or two days back they up and flew ~500 miles away, then came right back to the same spot. This is way more specific than most tales you hear of animals getting away from natural disasters. It's worth looking into for exactly the reason you said, "if someone actually predicted a natural disaster by using animal behaviour, that might be interesting." Thus why it's a news story at all.

Comment Re:Proudly Presented By (Score 1) 41

When you're talking about a projected image, those things are not automatically linked. If you have an image up on your computer screen you can touch the screen, but you can't feel anything to let you know one image from another. You feel the screen, not the image. With 3d projections you can have the same problem, and that's where this comes in.

Comment Re:Reparations for the Innocent (Score 1) 219

Any citizen of the Commonwealth that is accused of a major felony crime by way of an incitement or probable cause hearing by the State, and in which the state subsequently withdraws the complaint (or portion thereof) before trial, the case is dismissed by the court prior to trial OR the citizen is found not guilty of the major felony crime at trial shall be entitled to claim all costs and expenses related to or extending from the trial (including lost income) against the general fund of the commonwealth.

So the super rich are cemented as untouchables in law by the simple fact that any government short of federal isn't going near charges against them with a ten foot pole. And even federal would be up in the air depending on charges. I agree, for nearly all cases the above would be an improvement...but at the same time it would permanently close other doors when it comes to leveling the playing field of the legal system.

Every blanket solution has problems like this, which makes me lean towards case by case solutions. That leads to a "who watches the watchers" kind of argument. I don't think that there can be a real solution without trust, and that trust has been beaten and abused so much that nothing is left. At this point everyone is kind of looking around and thinking, "Yeah, this is screwed up" but has no one to put faith in to fix it. It's a broken system behind a broken system. You have to start at the root of the problem; the people's relation to their government. People need to become more involved and government needs reform. It's a huge system designed specifically to keep sudden change from sweeping through it, which becomes a double edged blade in this case. It's also hard for most people to even grasp the scope of our current government and all of the tangled webs between local, state, and federal.

If you back up even further the problem expands to encompass our entire society. People don't trust people. People fear people. People blame people. People hate people. You have negative reinforcement from all sides. You have cities divided into something akin to war zones. Police are seen as the bad guys more often than not when they step in. Ditto for government. A lot of people just don't care, or pretend not to. Of those that do care, very few make it to a place suitable to making change and of those even less make the trip unscathed.

I've lost my point in the downward spiral, so I'll just end it there.

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