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Comment Re:Why not invade Redmond? (Score 1) 257

I'm sure some jerk could argue that Alaska was once Russian.

Northern California once was as well. Actually, all of the western coast of North America as far south as Fort Ross (just north of San Francisco) was claimed by Russia, though the majority of their settlements and activity were in Alaska. They overhunted until the fur trade petered out, and by that point their North American settlements were economically impracticable and Alaska was sold.

It seems customary practice in Russia to take what you want by force

All they have to do is claim there are still ethnic Russians living in Washington and California who are of course being viciously persecuted by Washington (probably true, heh) and in need of liberating.

Comment Re:Chinese/Muslim preferences (Score 2) 257

I could see Russia, but why would China, Iran or any Islamic entity want Trump to win?

Because they don't like Hillary? She was always the war hawkiest of Obama's cabinet. Trump has yet to show any diplomatic competency, and his fans just lap up his nonsense that he's "the best" with no proof.

China would stand to lose big if they can no longer sell to the US

China has the US's balls in a vice, not selling to the US will hurt China, but it will hurt the US far FAR more.

if Trump follows through on his extreme vetting moves to stop hostile Muslims from coming into the US, ISIS and AQ have no reason to rejoice either.

ISIS's and al Queda's motivations are not difficult to figure out; they've been pretty honest in what they want: to drive a wedge between Muslims and non-Muslims. They dislike "moderate Muslims" in general, and feel like those who do not fight to pull down non-Muslim societies are traitors. Absolutely they are happy with Trump's tarring of Muslims and calls for Muslim travel restrictions. They YEARN for a horrible war.

Comment Re:No, ADL actually DOES "fight for social justice (Score 1) 366

ADL is both pro- and anti- "social justice," or at least the modern day's concept of it.

On one hand, most people concerned about the social justice side of Israeli/Palestinian relations tend to think that the Palestinians have gotten a pretty raw deal from the whole thing, what with them getting their land "bought out" to create Israel, current West Bank issues, etc. However, ADL is also a radically pro-Israel and pro-Zionist organization, enough that they have repeatedly tried to conflate criticism of Israel's policies with anti-Semitism itself. So they're sortof a weird outlier at odds with, say SPLC or other 'anti-hate' groups.

Comment Re:Who said what? (Score 3, Insightful) 366

Shut the fuck up with the "SJW" tag.

I swear, you assholes who overuse SJW calling SJW-this and SJW-that have turned a once delightfully trollish term that describes people wandering into a situation they don't understand and shitting over the discussion with shrill screeching and white-knighting, and now "SJW!!!" is thrown at anyone who has even a shred of conscience about how to treat each other with respect. Don't like the KKK? You're a fucking SJW. Think that a full-time job ought to pay a living wage? Shut up, you fucking SJW.

SJW is the new "Nazi." Now, when someone starts yammering on about SJW's, you can immediately dismiss them as blithering idiots. That's how badly the term has been abused, and that's how meaningless it has become.

Comment off YouTube...? (Score 1) 301

I'll probably be down-modded for being snarky but just because you're "tone deaf" and can't tell the difference between 16-bit @ 44 KHz and 24-bit @ 192 KHz doesn't imply everyone else is.

There's a time and a place for 24-bit @ 192 KHz, and it's when you're converting/modifying the music such that that distortion would become noticeable. Otherwise, 16-bit @ 44 kHz and 24-bit @ 192 kHz are indistinguishable by the human ear.

Comment Re:Chinese speakers only (Score 1) 454

Most of the ones that require the language say so with tact. "We are looking for an application engineer. A candidate fluent in mandarin.." and so on. The very first search on dice in California is for "Network Engineer (Mandarin)". Only requires an associate's. Who knew it was so easy to become an engineer.

In the tech land, "engineer" does not mean you have an engineering degree or certification. It means you're good with computers and they don't have to pay you overtime.

Comment Re:Sheldon Cooper is that you? (Score 1) 454

Sorry, did I offend your favorite sportsball game? Getting the ball in the net is easy with practice. Obviously there's a little bit more to it and the game has
nuances but it's basically get the ball in the net more than the other guys. Pass it around a bit move close then have a go?

Programming is basically moving a few bits around between registers and devices.
Filmmaking is basically pointing a camera at stuff happening.
Editing is basically putting some clips together and trimming off the ends.
Electrician is basically plugging in wires.
Being a successful politician is basically doing what constituents and/or lobbyists tell you to do.
Plot for Citizen Kane: Newspaper owner comes to power, but dies yearning for childhood memories.
Plot for Donnie Darko: Boy is warned by his future self to avoid accident, but has to die anyway to avoid time loop.

When you remove detail, pretty much everything can be boiled down to a summary that is incredibly simple and often wrong in its simplicity.

Why aren't I making millions in the nba? Same reasons you aren't probably, chief of all is not enough practice

Because you're not good enough. You could practice for a hundred years and not be good enough to be an NBA player. Sports is the segment of society that most clearly requires certain sets of skills that few people are able to require. Sports team owners tend to be good businessmen (otherwise they wouldn't be able to extort those stadium deals). It would be in their best interests to be able to pay athletes 1/10th of what they currently do. If others came along who could do it as well, the expanded pool would lower salaries, since availability of talent and demand for positions is what drives salaries up and down. Yet an average person just can't do what Kobe Bryant or Bryce Harper or Michael Jordan or Jerry Rice could do. They can't.

Comment Re:What about the NBA? (Score 1) 454

Of course. They moved from throwing stones into store windows for a quick smash and grab and using bats for mugging to guns.

That's generally not how evolution has worked -- IE, the giraffe long-neck problem. The explanation that giraffes gained long necks by "stretching" and then that trait was passed down was originally thought to be how evolution worked, but it's not true. It's far more likely that the giraffes that naturally had long necks were able to reach more food, and thus they were the ones more likely to survive to breed and pass the trait.

At this point in humanity, what we do (occupation/pastime/etc) seems to have little to do with whether we can breed and pass on our genes.

Comment Re:What about the NBA? (Score 1) 454

Technically, forced government sterilization for "idiocy" is still legal in the US and was upheld by the Supreme Court. Of course, in this day and age, if anyone actually tried to go through with that, that's a court case that would be overturned right quick. There just hasn't been a need for a challenge.

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