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Comment Re:Rethink (Score 2, Insightful) 185

As opposed to the corporate connected felon who will CERTAINLY get us nuked, and nuke a few countries of her own just to show she can?

After all, between Trump and Hillary, only Hillary has actually started any wars.

I don't know, Trump is the one who is openly advocating nuclear weapon proliferation in southeast Asia, which may actually be the very worst political idea I've heard yet in my 40 years.

Comment Re:50% is nothing without a confidence interval (Score 1) 140

Well, the bar here for "a Chernobyl" is amazingly low. An accident is "an unintentional incident or event at a nuclear energy facility that led to either one death (or more) or at least $50,000 in property damage." That can be... that can be almost anything. A death OR property damage.

So any unintentional incident that does more than $50,000 in property damage? Do you know how easy it is to do $50k in property damage especially in a facility like that?

Comment Re:Well.... (Score 1) 140

And even if you take Chernobyl and Fukushima together they still have lower amount of death's or shortened lifespans than coal does per year. The anti-nuclear movement is about fear, not facts.

I believe in nuclear energy generation and wish we had more of it. That said, most people who are "anti-nuclear-power" are not pro-coal and do not recommend replacing nuclear power with coal plants. They're usually the "solar/wind/tidal" groups.

Comment Re:The media hasn't really elucidated anything (Score 1) 230

Don't need that many to be truly in the know. Remember, he's purged the military before, people who have been found to be too secular, too pro-constitution etc, and replaced with people loyal to him, via his party.

But given the Turkish military's history of coups whenever a leader tries to do what Erdogan does, I don't think he needed to try to orchestrate one -- a situation that could have easily backfired as it might have succeeded. If he knew one was coming anyway, all he had to do was be ready for it.

Comment Re:What would Kissinger do? (Score 2) 230

You may recall that 9/11 happened before the war in Iraq. Bush ran on a domestic program and war was thrust upon his administration by Bin Laden, al Qaida, and the Taliban.

9/11 and Afghanistan were thrust upon the administration. Even the benefit of hindsight doesn't give us much choice there. Iraq was the war that Bush really -wanted- to fight, and chose to fight.

"Mission Accomplished" referred to the mission performed by the aircraft carrier where that banner was displayed as it was returning home.

BS. Mission Accomplished referred to the end of the military operation in Iraq. It's kindof why George Bush piloted his own fighter jet onto the carrier -- not to celebrate one carrier's job being done.

Comment Re:The price hike is minimal... (Score 1) 450

The whole appeal of Netflix is that it's a monthly sub, not PPV.

Tough, the studios own all the content, and they're in love with PPV. In the "bad old days" of DVD, the technical limitations of the mediums made it so they didn't have as much control as they've gained now. But since they want PPV, they control who can distribute and under what terms. They're quite happy to starve Netflix for content because Netflix doesn't want to go PPV or charge everyone $20/month more or something like that.

Comment Re:"The reason for the order was not known" (Score 0) 109

I wonder what this judge will go after next? Some cars don't have built in tracking or remote disable (like OnStar), so lets ban all cars that can't be tracked "since it does not lend itself to the enforcement of judicial decisions."

You can follow a car. You can track one quite easily.

Comment Re:"The reason for the order was not known" (Score 1) 109

"More than that, the judge considers that if it is not possible to break the encryption, the service itself must be prohibited, since it does not lend itself to the enforcement of judicial decisions."

Should ban curtains (or any other window coverings) on windows too.

Unnecessary, there are many, many ways around that.

Comment Re:The price hike is minimal... (Score 1) 450

Part of the reason is that Amazon agreed to the Hollywood price scheme -- pay per view, with each title having its own price, which was usually extremely expensive (I've seen $8 for a new movie release in HD -- that's for a 24-hour stream). What Netflix wanted for its customers, the model that Netflix was built on that people loved, was the ability to stream anything in the catalog at anytime without extra fees, only the flat monthly charge. Well first, the studios hate that model, their story is STILL that the DVD and your ability to rent it, loan it out, etcetc, absolutely screwed the movie studios. The reality may be the exact opposite, but that's still the movie studio story -- unless the consumer is paying top dollar per title, the studios are getting fucked. So Netflix's streaming catalog is terrible, absolutely terrible, though their DVD rental catalog is still fantastic (and I prefer playing a movie on Blu-Ray rather than streaming any day..), and it's all because the studios don't WANT to cut a deal with them, at least not at the prices that Netflix or their customers would find acceptable. So of course, they're starting Netflix for content, which is why their streaming selection is so shitty.

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