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Comment Re:Why stop at $50? (Score 1) 238

Manchester by the Sea is a depressing, boring, grey turd. It's extremely overrated even if you go in with the attitude of wanting to drown yourself in a miserable bog. I've discussed this movie in detail before. []

I actually had a fun time watching this movie. About 15 minutes in I remembered "Hey, wasn't this that movie Casey Affleck said was depressing in his monologue hosting SNL?" But I had fun. I knew it was going to be super-depressing, so eventually I just couldn't help but start laughing. I mean, I knew nothing was really going to get better, so the endless parade felt like a parody, and I enjoyed the parody. I also think it's a great character study of a fundamentally broken man who hasn't yet found a way to claw out from the abyss. He has undiagnosed (in the plot) clinical depression; depressed people don't sit around crying, real depression is the inability to feel emotion at most times leaving you a shell of a person. I also appreciated the writing. At no time did characters do really stupid out of character things for the purpose of advancing the plot, which is my big pet peeve for movies these days. Every word felt true to the character, and they felt like real people.

Arrival is fucking dogshit.

Arrival for me is good except for two parts: 1) The military was treated unrealistically. I know lots of movies use a cardboard-cutout stereotype of the military, good or bad, but when the rogue soldier was loading explosives into the ship I was rolling my eyes. Horrible. 2) The ending did NOT think through the implications of these time powers. I was pretty disappointed with that. Now, normally, a really bad ending is enough to trash my appreciation for a film, and there are many films like most of M. Night's where the enjoyment I'd had previously was torpedoed by the ending. For some reason this didn't happen for me on the Arrival. Maybe it's just that half of the movie is SO GOOD that I want to believe as a whole it's better than it is. That said, I'm sure this is a movie that's going to fall in my estimation over time.

I'll agree that Doctor Strange went long, a problem common to action movies now. I still like Civil War, though Winter Soldier is still my favorite main Marvel movie. We'll certainly agree that Batman vs Superman was a disaster. At this point I don't think there's any redemption for Zack Snyder now. Just get it over with and pair him with Damon Lindelof so they can create the worst comic book movie that will ever be made, and be done with it.

I'm sick of movies like Interstellar and Arrival and Passengers masquerading as sci-fi but ending up as romance/drama + /fantasy horseshit instead.

Didn't see Passengers, but I have a very special, intense hatred for the pretension of Interstellar.

One last FUCK YOU goes out to a special turd-in-the-making. Logan. Wasn't the last Wolverine movie bad enough?

I didn't see it. :-( It's strange, some people really like it, some hate it. There seems to be little in between.

Comment Re:Ninth Amendment (Score 1) 126

Unfortunately strict originalists like Scalia forget about the Ninth Amendment when they want to go back to what "The drafters of the Constitution wrote down" as their primary source for rulings.

Fuck yes. I suppose this is one of the big reasons why I loathed Scalia. I WANTED to like him. I like some of his writing. I like the idea of hewing clearly to what the law actually says. But I felt so many times he refused to do that and just went with his personal conservative biases instead and then used personal insults when called on it. Disappointing.

Comment Re:Fake News (Score 2) 272

How can ordinary people tell what news is real news and what news is fake news when they can't trust the people who define it?

No one cares.

They care about whether the news confirms or denies their biases. Confirms = good. Denies = fake.
They care about whether the news supports or undercuts their tribe. Supports = good. Undercuts = bad/fake/etc.

Comment Re:Why stop at $50? (Score 1) 238

HDMI capture card

Defeated by HDCP, when they turn that on. More and more devices now refuse to output if everything in the chain isn't HDCP-compliant, which broke my home theater setup when I tried connecting my HDCP-enforcing Roku to my HDMI matrix (splits signal into two different rooms).

Comment Re:Why stop at $50? (Score 2, Insightful) 238

I don't blame Marvel or DC for milking that cow, but I don't understand why audiences haven't lost interest.

Because most of them are actually quite decent as movies. I didn't watch Ant-Man and will probably skip yet another Spider-Man reboot, but Doctor Strange was mild fun, Deadpool was great, and Civil War pretty great too.

Comment Re:Why stop at $50? (Score 1) 238

Non-comic-book movies I've seen recently that are absolutely fantastic, not utter crap:

Hacksaw Ridge
Manchester By The Sea
Arrival (actually this was just 'good,' not fantastic)
Rogue One (except maybe some of the weird CG human stuff at the end)
Finding Dory
Kubo and the Two Strings

Sadly I've been busy of late and haven't had time to watch that much, and there are a number I'd love to see but haven't, like Fences, Moonlight, La La Land, John Wick 2 (comic book movie? Video game movie??), Ip Man 3 (delicious chinese propaganda).

Comment Re:Movie Time! (Score 1) 238

Or invite over a few friends and split the cost. Oh, wait . . .

That's the assumption that they're working from, not the cost-splitting part, but that multiple people will be watching.
They're thinking "Let's see, 4 people times $15 for an evening screening should be $60, so we'll charge under that...

Comment Re: Fake News (Score 2) 272

I prefer blood diamonds. It's a special thrill to be able to wear as an ornament something that caused death and despait to other human beings who we wouldn't even bother to look down on.

I enjoy wearing real furs where 30 minks were hunted and slaughtered rather than fake fur that imitates the real thing. It gives me a feeling of power over the base beasts.
I enjoy having a purse of real crocodile-skin, because it means that brute was slaughtered so I could look good.
I enjoy having a necklace of diamonds that a 13-year-old was forced to dig out of a mine. Third-world primitives.

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