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Comment Re: Oh noes!!!!11111 (Score 1) 449

That example goes directly against the narrative!

It's an interesting digression because the film version switched roles of the kids around.
In the book, the boy was the dinosaur expert AND the computer expert. The girl had some interest in sports but otherwise contributed nothing to the plot and whined a lot. Spielburg saw that and thought.. "why don't we give a reason for BOTH of them to exist.."

Comment Re: Oh noes!!!!11111 (Score 1) 449

If computer programmer Barbie involves the girl doing some design, but the actual coding being done by boys.

It was worse than that, Computer Engineer Barbie said:
" 'I'm only creating the design ideas,' Barbie says, laughing. 'I'll need Steven's and Brian's help to turn it into a real game.' "
Barbie then gets a virus on the computer, which then infects another computer, and the boys wind up fixing it for her.
After class, Barbie meets with Steven and Brian in the library.
" 'Hi, guys,' says Barbie. 'I tried to send you my designs, but I ended up crashing my laptop — and Skipper's, too! I need to get back the lost files and repair both of our laptops.'
" 'It will go faster if Brian and I help,' offers Steven."
Brian and Steven take over — and, at the end of the day, Barbie takes credit for the boys' work.

Note that this wasn't an actual Barbie, it was a book "Barbie: I can be a computer engineer". Amusingly enough on the book cover it had a computer monitor with a bunch of 1s and 0s, and a Tux Penguin sitting underneath it!
Picture Here

Comment Re:11 minute of action per game (Score 1) 230

Throw the damn pitch already; it shouldn't take two minutes to toss a ball 60'6".

It shouldn't, and the MLB is experimenting with fining pitchers if they take excessive amounts out time. Batters have to keep their feet in the box, no wandering away anymore and rechecking their gloves, cleats, etc.

Here are experiments they've tried:
1) Revising rule 8.04, requiring the pitcher to deliver the ball to the batter within 12 seconds after he recieves the ball with the bases unoccupied. A violation is an automatic "ball" from the umpire. If the batter steps out of the box during the 20-second period (they had a clock on the field), the pitcher may deliver the pitch and the umpire may call a strike, unless the batter was first granted time by the umpire.
2) Batter's Box Rule: batter must keep at least one foot in the batter's box unless a predefined exception occurs.
3) No-pitch intentional walks. You want to intentionally walk someone? Just say you walk him and it's done. If a pitcher has control problems though, he can screw up an intentional walk, which I've seen in person. This would sadly eliminate that situation too.
4) 2:30 inning break clock.
5) 2:30 pitching change break clock.
6) Three "time out" limit.

#4 and #5 are opposed by TV networks because it cuts down on the number of commercials they run. Major league players had difficulty adjusting to the rule changes, so the rules are going to be rolled out in the lower leagues first: first Double-A baseball, then Triple-A, then the MLB. Unfortunately it's not yet a given that all these rules will enter the MLB. However, in having them enforced in the minor leagues first, major leaguers will get used to them.

Comment Re:FINALLY! (Score 1) 127

We had a pretty good 20 years in the phone industry since Ma Bell was broken up. Lots of competition, new services, better prices.

I used to use PacBell DSL Internet and it was pretty good! (for the time)
Then they got bought by SBC and they were not.. quite as good, but still ok.
Then SBC bought AT&T, but apparently AT&T absorbed and corrupted them from within, becoming the AT&T behemoth once again, and their DSL service went to shit. As did their billing department.

Comment Re:Cartel socialism (Score 1) 127

Thank to all the media blunders, Trump is more powerful now than he ever was as a simple business man.

Trump is done. He won't be President, but worse than that (for him), it destroys his credibility as a businessman. He's now a "toxic figure." Other businesses won't be willing to book conferences at Trump hotels since he's too partisan a figure now. He needed to be non-partisan as a businessman, since you can't afford to piss off a large proportion of the country without getting anything for it.

Who will want to do business with Donald Trump now when there are so many other successful businessmen without the political baggage?

Comment Re:Found the Windows user! (Score 2, Insightful) 263

it doesn't matter the OS when the website mixes em, %, and px for sizing. you can still find plenty of sites with px defined left/right margins.

I'm not sure why this was modded troll. The above is true to a point, though it doesn't tell the whole story. These days I find most web sites use images (blank, or bg color) to create spacing, and most web browsers, by default, scale images up as well along with the text, so those spacers get scaled up along with the text.

My biggest problem is with websites that enforce a traditional page-style format for their pages, such that when you scale things up to make it easier to read, it's like you're just taking a magnifying glass to the page. That's way too rigid a page design, but it fits squarely in the aesthetics of someone who used to do traditional layout on paper pages.

Comment Re:Its not the thinner fonts... (Score 1) 263

Do you really need a 2560 x 1600 Pixel screen on your 10 Inch Android or whatever-pad?

If your DPI is set properly, the display will look much better at higher resolutions, and that includes the readability of the fonts. Anti-aliasing doesn't become quite as necessary, and fonts will be just a bit less blurry.

If a high resolution means you're seeing tiny fonts, then the system is not taking DPI into account, and it needs to no matter what size your monitor is.

Comment Re:what about security? (Score 1) 552

There is a point where sensitivity turns into entitlement stupidity

There's certainly a line to be drawn. People talking on their cell phone, or just talking over the movie, shining lights around the theater, etc: not cool.
Someone needs to get up to pee, or a doctor has to leave? Don't see why I should have a problem with it.

Comment Re: Does anybody ... (Score 1) 474

As I pointed out, Gitmo breaks international treaties

A very very large segment of the US does not particularly care about international treaties, they care only about US law. And yet since it's not in the US, they find ways to dismiss that problem too.

Since 9/11, the citizens of the US have been pretty willing to compromise previously-dearly-held ideas like prisoner torture since for them, the gloves come off when they're facing terrorists. Jack Bauer was their hero. They don't particularly care about "international opinion."

Comment Re:So Assange has overstayed his welcome. (Score 1) 314

2) He is providing records only of one side.

This is a very common criticism against Wikileaks. And a very strange one.

Wikileaks can only release material that someone leaks to them. Feel free to send insider stuff on Trump to them and see what happens.

I would agree with that if Assange hadn't publicly crowed about having damaging leaks against Russia, leaks that he simply... stopped talking about after Sweden filed its charges and Putin started making supporting statements about him. Once this bizarre assault/conspiracy stuff crept into the conversation, it seemed like Assange became far more interested in taking down Clinton than.. well, anything else.

Comment Re:Left (Score 1) 548

It isn't the Republicans that used the Federal Government to forced Ecuador to silence a vocal critic of the party's candidate.

It isn't? Are you sure? What proof do you have? The same amount of proof that you had that the Democrats forced Ecuador to take Assange offline? IE, you have no proof at all?

Ecuador's actions are reasonable from a neutrality point of view. It doesn't want to be on Trump's side or on Clinton's side. Assange has been vocal in his desire to see Hillary go down, and Ecuador does not want to get drawn into that. If you have a houseguest who embarrasses you with prank calls, you yank phone access if you don't kick him out.

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