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Comment So tell me again why should i buy stuff? (Score 1) 196

You try to be legal and buy your music and videos, but there are always things fucking you around. Warnings on dvds about piracy. You just cant press play. Music services injecting ads, and killing of disk space...bizarre limitation on how long tv and movies stay on streaming services. Ads even AFTER you pay, and then they advertise ad free services that you pay extra for.. AND STILL GET ADS.

Piracy will continue while its more convenient to do so.

Submission + - ReactOS 0.4.2 Officially Released (with introduced dot.NET 2.0/4.0 support) (

jeditobe writes: Version 0.4.2 of ReactOS, the open-source binary-compatible Windows re-implementation, is now officially available.

What’s more appealing in ReactOS 0.4.2 is it includes the ability to read and write various file systems for Linux/Unix namely ext family and Btrfs and ability to read such file systems as ReiserFS and UFS.

ReactOS 0.4.2 also features Cygwin support, .NET 2.0 ( and 4.0 ( application support, among other updated packages and revised external dependencies such as Wine and UniATA. The team also worked to improve overall user experience.

ReactOS support has improved to the point that games like Elder Scrolls: Skyrim ( and Doom 3 ( should even be playable on this "open-source Windows" OS along with applications like Thunderbird and 7-Zip.

ReactOS is free. You can boot your desktop or laptop from it. It looks like Windows (a 10-year-old version, anyway), so you already know how to use it. And it'll run some Windows and DOS applications, maybe including DOS games that regular 64-bit Windows can no longer touch.

Comment Well there you go. (Score 1) 377

Its not your computer anymore. You don't have the choice anymore. Its microsoft's way. You are on their domain, subject to their policies, reselling your search data, subject to their whims and desires. You are produce. You are no longer a consumer, you are even LESS then that now.


Comment There is some high level idiot exec at Microsoft (Score 3, Insightful) 122

Running around with his fingers in his ears, going "LA LA LA LA LA I CANT HEAR YOU" when people say to him "you are making stupid decisions, alienating your user base and generally fucking about in a bad way'

Its like.. they forgot their core business, and now all they care about is shitty little apps making money.

They cant even get the app store in windows 10 working properly and it breaks at every opportunity that requires a windows re-installation all because they don't even bother testing their patches. Skype barely works, they still haven't fixed its terrible user interface and the difference between close, exit and quit. Office 2016 still uses the office 2007 control panel interface with its broken font scaling.

Microsoft has utterly lost its shit. All they care about is the next micro feature in windows, while completely forgetting their entire microcosm is on the brink of falling to pieces.

So their solution is to ignore what people are saying.

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