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Comment Re:I hunt, and at one time was once involved in a (Score 1) 535

If you read his entire post he absolutely contradicts himself however also answers your comment in his post.

He said clearly that stuff that are out of accident does not bother him, while out of spite does.

The good and evil thing can be disputed, if you know enough about psychology you understand that there is no "good" or "evil" it's just how you percieve things, you and me thinks that killing out of spite is evil, however a person born into this world raised where killing out of spite is just and right - they would think its a "good" thing to do.

It's all in the eye of the beholder, it's not "deluding yourself". I personally believe that everyone who kills another human for fun, pleasure or revenge even love are mentally damaged somehow in some way, doesn't mean they're "evil" just means their reality differs from ours.

Comment Re:The word "Worst" is relative (Score 1) 535

Wow you must've grown up very very sheltered or be under 25. You don't think a giant corporation like Google can walk over people? Hell even 100staff companies walks over people daily, they have so good lawyers, and counseling that they can do anything and you're just... stuck. Life aint a dance on roses.

Comment Re:"moving irresistibly"? (Score 0) 673

Dunno where it's a "pretty common problem".

Do you realize how many macbooks they sold each year?
The %age of macbooks with the battery issue that was not caused by external damage is quite low.

I worked at applecare and at an apple-computers repair shop... and honestly the amount of macbooks we had issues with the battery was not the biggest problem :)

On topic,

I don't like that I cant swap parts on my own in the new retinas - I want to be able to purchase and upgrade RAM when it's affordable, OWC has "flash disks" in stock though so I can still upgrade those - but yeah, I'll be sure to consider very hard before buying a retina... even though the display is fucking amazing.

Might just look into a PC and get some linux dist, regardless of situation if I want power in a machine I'm not buying a portable.

Comment Wow... (Score 1) 86

As far as I've heard (don't take this as stone-cold facts) is that small amount of Marijuana is legalized in Australia, as well as growing it. Or at least ignored by the law. (For personal use etc).

So this blows my mind, I actually thought that Australia was an amazing country to live in, if you ignore all the deadly animals, enormous spiders and godzilla-like snakes.

Comment Re:False Dillema (Score 0) 392

It's not a warranty damnit.
And there's no legal requirement for a warranty in ANY european country.
I agree that the Consumer Law acts like a warranty but it's not one.

For an example.
Finnish consumer law lasts forever, it also requires the company to prove it's not a manufacturing defect.
Swedish consumer law lasts for 3 years, however it requires the customer to prove to the manufacturer that it's a defect.
Norwegian consumer law lasts for 5 years, it requires the company to prove to the customer it's not a manufacturing defect.

Obviously these laws have several more rules and paragraphs, but it's not a warranty - it's a consumer protection law just so companies cannot do what they do in the US. It is however not a RIGHT to get stuff repaired just becuase it broke after 2 years of usage, you have to claim consumer law.

I worked(read:8,5 hours every day) with this for 2,5 years, handling only consumer law cases from Scandinavia.

It never once claims that the warranty needs to be X years, ever wondered why Apple has 1 year warranty in every country in the world?

Comment Re:False Dillema (Score 0) 392

No, it's not REQUIRED by law to offer AT LEAST 2 years warranty, that's the biggest bunch of bullshit I've ever fucking heard.
You're not required to give ANY warranty AT ALL, however there is something in europe called "Consumer Law" which acts like a warranty -> but in many countries you'll have to pay for the examination if the damage on the machine was user-created by accidental or intentional means.

Seriously people need to start fucking understanding that warranty is not a right, it's a "feature".

Comment Re:Won't be surprising to see a spike? (Score 0) 77

And how is the average consumer going to use the machine then?

You're saying that you're using a linux dist without having to tweak your OS at all? And it's running smoothly for the past 5 years? I would like you to proove to me that it works fine for my mother to use Linux for 5 years. Even Ubuntu is a hassle to install bank IDs or similar on if you don't know what you're doing - aka you need to tweak.

Daily tasks that my mother and the majority of the worlds population uses computers for includes(but not limited to):
Online Banking (paying bills and shit you know?)
Checking your email
Looking up phonenumbers
Looking at Google Earth
Oh, and Facebook.

I don't clean my registry regulary nor do I run "cleanmyPCORMACORANYOTHERMACHINE!111.EXE/APP" all the time(read: never) and they don't "clog up" after 3 months of usage.

You're using computers wrong, I don't know how you are able to ruin a machine in 3 months, nor do I care because I don't have to clean up after you, but the fact remains you're using it wrong.

Comment Re:DSNChanger??? (Score 0) 264

Try this for a change:

Update users mail client after user has been asking for it for 1year non-stop saying it's so much better.

1st hour after updating mail client.
"This mail sucks, the cursor goes down instead of up when I'm deleting an e-mail, this makes me delete e-mails I don't want to delete!"

2nd hour after updating mail client.

"The calendar is at the wrong place, the button is supposed to be on top, not on the bottom."


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