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Comment Re:Income inequality (Score 1) 124

I think you might be incorrect... You are comparing one account's BALANCE to the average EARNINGS (interest paid) of the others. There is no mention of the cumulative balance of the other 40,000 accounts. I also admit that the author may have thought the terms were interchangeable - but they are not.

Comment Look at the last few seconds of the video (Score 5, Informative) 150

Come on people, why so much discussion and speculation? It is printed in black and white, plain as day: Frostbite game engine footage representative of PlayStation 4. Not actual gameplay. During the final few seconds where you see âoelearn moreâoe, the game studio logos,etc. Case closed. Discussion over.

Comment Interesting, but... (Score 1) 187

I thought the PC gaming market was shrinking thanks to the console market. The fact that there is a new DRM system that has not been cracked is to be expected isn't it? DRM systems get more complex and sophisticated over time, so it's hardly a surprise that this one is taking longer to crack.

As a long time PC gamer (since the mid 80s) who has never owned a console, I've always bought my games. I LIKE having the box and the CD, and I have no issue paying for something that brings me hours upon hours of entertainment.

In the rare cases where DRM breaks the game (only seen it once personally), I just brought it back to the store.

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