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Comment Re:Let them die like they deserve. (Score 4, Interesting) 407

I couldn't agree more. On top of what the op stated, I can't stand being literally stalked by a comsuck salesman from the second that I walk in the door. When BestBuy started allowing comcast people to follow you from point of entry to anywhere you went in the store in order to bug you about switching your non existant television service, I stopped shopping there. It was like I was being followed by a persistent pop-up that I couldn't turn off. Worst part about it was that I had to insult the salesman to get him to leave me be. A string of "No" and "leave me alone" did no good. I'll stick to amazon and Microcenter for when I need something fast.

Comment Re:One thing at a time (Score 2) 424

Probably better to start with "Well, what are my assets?" What things are currently plugged into my network? What purpose do they serve in meeting the objectives of the business? Once you know what is on your network, then you can start assessing what items are vulnerable. I've used NeXpose for vulnerability assessment as of late, but I'm sure there are other solutions, both proprietary and FOSS that can do the job. Many of these products will give you a total risk score and a CVSS score of the vulnerabilities on the system. Of course, I'd just start using these as a justification for more staff. You've got much larger problems than just security vulnerabilities. You've got infrastructure issues from the sound of it that need some serious man hours to fix. Use the security portion to light a fire under management's ass and get some new staff under you. Management reacts pretty quickly when they realize their compensation list may be available for download by the outside world from their internal servers.

Submission + - Political Indoctornation of Elementary School Stud (

RagingFuryBlack writes: "A video posted on YouTube appears to show a New Jersey elementary school class being taught to sing praises of President Obama. The songs quote spiritual songs such as "Jesus Loves the Little Children" where the word Jesus is replaced with Obama. They also show what appears to be the teacher correcting a child who could not get the lyrics right. Should we be allowing teachers to indoctrinate children with any type of political rhetoric?"

Submission + - AIDS Vaccine is partially successful

ifchairscouldtalk writes: "Phase III "RV 144" study in Thailand succeeded in reducing HIV infection rate in trial with 31.2% effectiveness. The study was conducted by the Thailand Ministry of Public Health and used strains of HIV common in Thailand. It is not clear whether the vaccine, which combines AIDSVAX with Aventis Pasteur ALVAC-HIV canarypox vector, known as "vCP1521", would work against other strains in the United States, Africa or elsewhere. Strangely, the vaccine had no effect on levels of HIV in the blood of those who did become infected, providing 'one of the most important and intriguing findings' of the trial, according to Dr Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, which is one of the trial's sponsors."

Submission + - Social Engineering Framework released ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Yesterday was the launch of the webs first social engineering framework. Looks to be pretty good so far, and not another "how to rip off best buy" site. Looks to be modeled off of the pentesters framework, but has a lot of application far beyond penetration testing. Plus, with the uptick of these sorts of attacks, looks to be very relevant today.

Submission + - Microsoft offers Windows 7 to students for $30

An anonymous reader writes: Microsoft today announced students would be able to purchase upgrade versions of Windows 7 for a significantly reduced price until January 3, 2010 at 12:00am CST. A valid e-mail address given by a college or university must be used. An e-mail will be sent telling the student if he or she qualifies for the discount. Eligible students are allowed to purchase one copy of either Windows 7 Home Premium or Windows 7 Professional from the online store. The discount price applies to the following countries: the UK (£30) and the US ($30). More information is available at, a site just launched today that is dedicated to advertising Windows 7 to students.

"In the US, students can pre-order their copy of Windows 7 beginning September 17th and can download the OS beginning on October 22nd (general availability)," a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed with Ars. "Students in the UK can pre-order their copy beginning on September 30th for download on October 22nd. Students in all other participating markets can take advantage of the offer beginning on October 22nd. In most markets, the offer ends on January 3rd (in Australia the offer is available until March 31st).

Comment Re:"Committed Suicide?" (Score 5, Insightful) 538

As an active firefighter in a busy area, I ask too that you please off yourself in a way that doesn't require me to get out of bed at 0-dark-thirty hours, risk myself in an emergency response, and then proceed to cut your dead or dying ass out of a mangled car, or wash your brains off of an interstate highway. I also don't envy the cop who has to tell your next of kin how your stupid ass decided (s)he was being an idiot and killed some guy's innocent kid with your rocket of a motorcycle or corvette.
Thanks from your local public servant!

Comment Nothing good can come of this... (Score 0, Flamebait) 806

So lets see here. They'd like to raze parts of Detroit (Homicide rate of 47.5% Philadelphia(Homicide rate of 27.7% Both of which also have large ghetto type areas which house hundreds of people who I'm sure that most of us here wouldn't want living in our backyards.

My question...Where are we moving all of these people if we're (According to TFA) "returning the land we raze to nature"? Won't this boost the crime rate and lower the property values of people who live in the smaller, surrounding suburbs?

How this isn't considered "ethnically cleansing" cities is beyond me. It seems as if the only people who would be affected negatively would be minority groups.

South Carolina To Give 1 Laptop Per School Child 279

ruphus13 sends in an OStatic article outlining the plans of the state of South Carolina, inspired by the One Laptop Per Child project, to provide laptops to local elementary school children. "The South Carolina Department of Education and the non-profit Palmetto Project have teamed up to get a laptop in the hands of every elementary school student in South Carolina... The OLPC/SC hopes to distribute as many as 50,000 laptops this spring to eligible students. The effort is underwritten and managed by the Palmetto Project, whose mission is to 'put new and creative ideas to work in South Carolina.' While low-performing school districts with limited resources are a special focus for the OLPC/SC, the group is adamant on one point: There are no free laptops. In order to receive a laptop, children need to give a small monetary donation — the project coordinators say a dollar or two is sufficient."It's not obvious from browsing around the OLPC/SC site what software the XO laptops will be running; but by following links one gets the impression that they will be powered by Linux, not XP.

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