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Comment Re:There will be no patent reform... (Score 1) 151

I couldn't agree more. We already saw a few weeks ago that application developers are removing their apps from US app stores because of the patent trolling going on in the US now. And I'm afraid that you are right when you say nothing will change until it's too late. Too bad for you Americans, but it' inevitable, you will decline into a second class country because of this and how the country generally alienate any outside innovation!

Comment Happy with this ! (Score 1) 192

US courts are just dumb and are killing advancement in many sectors such as information technologies. I'm happy with the decision those developers took. Keep content for users outside USA, and block it for all visitors from the USA. Let them learn the lesson about how flawed their patent laws are.

Comment The problem is scheduled programming. (Score 1) 118

Aside from the repeated advertisements and the poor quality of basic cable shows, the main reason i don't watch TV is because i don't get to watch my shows and series i like whenever i want. By having Netflix, Hulu or some sort of DVR system to record shows, we can watch what we want when we want. Some TV station offers some shows online after its been aired, but again the choices of shows is very limited. Add to this the control over time consuming commercials, interactivity, live chats, and all that the internet can offer and there's very little reason to pay for both a TV cable service and an Internet Service Provider. Another argument against Cable TV is the lack of objectivity some news channel have; We are now in the era of bloggers, tweets and independent journalism. People want to retake control of their sources of entertainment and information.

Comment No TV service since 2004 (Score 1) 697

When i moved in 2004, my cable company wanted to charge me 75$ for my change of address. Yet, no technician or installation were needed, i moved into an apartment that had all the wiring and setup necessary to connect me just by changing a few settings on their side. So i cancelled it. Today, my TV is only plugged to my DVD player and my PlayStation, i really don't miss it at all. I get to view my show when i want, not when they are aired. I don't have to sit through a multitude of advertisements and I have been saving $30-40/month since i canceled my cable subscription. That was 82 months ago; multiply an average of 35$ per month would mean i saved 2870$ already ! We might not be completely there yet, but i did believe back then, that internet subscriptions could and should cover your all communication services in one. P.S.: i also canceled my land-line phone service and only keep my cellular phone(Prepaid with txt messaging service), i spend less than 10$/month on this phone. And i got all my friends and family to get Skype for long distance calling.

Comment Who's to blame for all the advertisement? (Score 4, Interesting) 388

I use two facebook accounts; one polished and clean for my parents and family, and one for my friends that has very little personal information(for instance i only use initials and dont link to my employer or even my city. I never spent a dime on any apps or services on facebook and I never will. The sad thing isn't the folks at facebook, google or twitter trying to get us to click on ads or buy fake gold for some facebook game, it's the ones of us that do click or buy fake gold. Website advertisement would not exist if it didn't work. This article warms me up and gives me hope that once all the baby boomers will be retired ... the IT workers and advertisement gurus of our generation might finally embrace better values than the ones brought on by capitalism.

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