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Comment Here's a view from the pole (Score 5, Informative) 292

I just found Big Dead Place a couple days ago, and read their account of one of these 'hacker attacks' and Raytheon Polar Services' (RPSC) reaction to it.

Short version: Everyone at the pole was pissed. Denver (RPSC headquarters) took away their porn^H^H^H^Hnet access, and thus made a bunch of already deprived individuals even more deprived.

There's a ~500 K newsletter-spoof PDF on the site that expresses some of their feelings.

  • "Kudos to the Denver IT staff for quickly responding to a hacker attack on South Pole Station. The attack occurred Friday night Denver time and our crack professional team denied the attacker access by immediately pulling the plug on Pole. They got back to dealing with the aftermath of this knee jerk response sometime Wednesday shortly after the last chocolate sprinkle donut had been eaten but shortly before nap time."
There's also: Top Ten Reasons South Pole Can't Access the Internet

Some other interesting things on the site:

  • Raytheon says Antarctica is a 'foreign nation' for purposes of the Fair Labor Standards Act (overtime) and OSHA (asbestos exposure, etc.)

  • However... the IRS considers wages earned while working there the same as if they'd been earned inside the US.

  • Some people working there question whether or not the US Constitution applies (specifically the First Ammendment)

  • The whole bit about the Symmes Antarctic Intelligencer

  • Frontierwatch is a terrifically Dilbert-esque look into the day-to-day goings-on at the Pole.

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