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Comment Re:Totaly agree (Score 1) 642

From _How to Win Friends and Influence People_, any time you correct anyone on anything it's a chance for them to harbor resentment towards you. This is not a new concept. You seem to have grasped it yourself by the end of your comment - when you see poor grammar you make a note of the person's shortcomings and move on. It is up to that person to decide to become more literate on their own. Perhaps you can offer guidance with questions about what books they've read, etc. but it's mostly in your best interest to keep things civil between you and everyone you meet. Everyone is intelligent in their own way, and you never know when that person might have something you need.

Caveat: parents and English teachers should feel free to correct their children and students when necessary since that's their job to help educate their children and students.

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