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Comment Re:Europe rules... (Score 1) 525

> moving to Europe sounds even better

This is sort of off-topic, but meant to offer a vote of encouragement for moving from someone who did the same.

I moved from the US to the UK in August of 2001 and have lived here for the past 4 years. I think I got lucky, in a sense, because I managed to experience the whole aftermath of 9/11 as an American expatriate living in a country which was generally sympathetic, yet familiar enough with the unpredictable nature of terrorism to keep a level head about it.

I've since become sufficiently concerned about the steady erosion of civil liberties in the US, the growth in power of the religious right, the general attitude (at least among the mass media) that liberalism is a dirty word, plus a score of other issues, that I think I'll stay here for quite a while longer. Sure, the standard of living isn't generally as high as in the States, but there's a lot to be said about feeling comfortable with the general social attitudes and political system of the country you are living in. (Besides, I live in the West End of London - life's not so bad.)

My point is this: if you do have the opportunity to move and live abroad for a while, definitely do it. It's amazing and an experience you'll remember for the rest of your life.

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