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Comment "Drive all day" is meaningless (Score 1) 382

Batteries can easily hold a charge for a day. The question is how much work is that battery doing in a day? Winnipeg says its buses travel 50K kilometers/year, which works out to 85 miles day. Bump that to 100 to account for days off due to maintenance, and that's still within the range of most EVs these days. And that's city driving, so they'll be using regenerative braking to recharge frequently.

Lower fuel costs, less maintenance, I can't see any reason e-buses won't work.

Comment Re:Change for the sake of change (Score 1) 489

"Listen, Microsoft, I spent a lot of time learning to use the UI, and you go changing it on me; you're making me spend time to learn the new one, instead of being way more productive with the old one I already know."

We know, and the great thing is all that time you waste doesn't cost us a penny! Toodles!
MS Devs and Management

Comment Re:Easy answer (Score 1) 489

I don't know. I just moved from an iPhone to an Android, and I find a lot of things in Android unintuitive. I wonder if you were less hard on Android since it was your first experience with a mobile OS, then got annoyed with the differences in iOS. I'm not saying one's better than the other, we like what we're used to.

Comment Pretty ambitious (Score 1) 136

" Tesla will require a lot of factory floor to meet its goal of ... making one million cars by 2020. "

Tesla produced about 25,000 vehicles in Q3 2016, so they'll have to increase that by tenfold in 4 years. Not impossible, but sustaining that kind of growth brings all kinds of challenges, and the auto industry seems to be heading into a bit of a slump. And the incoming administration doesn't seem very green-friendly. Unless you mean the color of money.

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