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Comment Re:Breakdown of countefeit vs genuine (Score 1) 101

Interesting article. I don't feel quite so bad about getting reamed on a new charger now, it is a pretty complex unit....and the counterfeits look pretty scary. Still, would be nice if Apple would drop the price a bit. After dropping one or two grand on a laptop, getting dinged to replace the power supply kind of sucks.

Comment Maybe if Apple didn't insist on reaming... (Score 3, Insightful) 101

...their customers this wouldn't be such a problem. I know, then they wouldn't be Apple. My cat chewed through my power cord one fine morning, I was able to fix it but forget about coiling it up and throwing it in my laptop bag anymore. A new one is $70. That's nuts. Are there any quality third-party vendors? I'm guessing patents on the mag-safe connector means NO.

And it seems like the reaming is just getting worse.

Comment Yeah, but broadcast TV? (Score 1) 166

How much can they be paying broadcasters who...broadcast their content for free? The cable co is giving them more eyeballs to sell to their advertisers, the broadcasters need their access as much as the cable cos need their content. I doubt they're jacking up their fees...would be interesting to see some real data.

Comment Re:U.S. is more land than three states (Score 1) 637

We're not talking about 3 states controlling everything. We're talking about electing the president. Small states have the senate to protect their interests, giving their residents disproportionate power in electing the president doesn't make sense.

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