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Comment Containers (Score 2) 367

I have only hangup in considering cellphones equivalent to a cardboard box: is it possible to delete data from a cellphone in the same way one can remove a letter, photograph, or business card from a cardboard box.

If so, then I have no objection to considering the two equivalent. There should be the same level of legal protection on both.

If not, then they are not equivalent. If you can't delete data from your cellphone, then, for many people, it is equivalent to having the information chained to your leg: getting rid of it without crippling yourself is practically impossible.

Comment Re:Ridiculous (Score 1) 143

I think you meant to say "Filesharing and attempting to stop spam are ... not comparable"

The defendants in this case are people who are attempting to stop the transfer of information to people who don't want it, rather than people who are attempting to transfer information to people who do want it and/or attempting to get information they do want.

Comment Re:Free speech (Score 2) 85

I read a bit of the article, and the calls targeted likely supporters of candidate A, and basically said "You can relax, candidate A has enough votes" the defendant is being charged because he was attempting to deceive voters to influence the outcome of the election.

If only politicians could be charged with something like that for not fulfilling campaign promises.

Comment Re:Good - arrest me (Score 1) 314


Killing people is absolutely the wrong way to go about this, it is exactly the sort of over-reaction that has us all upset about organizations such as the MPAA and the RIAA; it will mostly serve to push people who would otherwise support us into supporting those organizations just to stop us; what we need is instead to better educate the people who make the decisions, both in the courts and in the legislature, as well as the voting public, about what is really going on with these laws, and about why it is wrong.

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