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Comment Space Travel & Neptune Women Possible Marriage (Score 2, Funny) 337

There is a system available for staying super healthy both on Earth and during Space Travel. . It might surprise you how simple it is to get & stay in great physical condition for that 41 year trip to reach those lonely, desperate-for-Earth-Males Neptunian women.

Basically, the human body atrophies during Space Travel from SAMENESS AND LACK OF PHYSICAL STRESS. My Fountain of Youth Temperature Oscillation Health System brings back the stress to ALL BODILY SYSTEMS. When you're on the hot side of the AC unit, the circulatory and lymph systems get reamed out & pumped, pores open wide, while on the cold side of the system you begin shivering as hypothermia is quickly achieved in 5-10 minutes from the induced rapid cooling. Shivering exercises every muscle group in the human body, all the way through.

Someone here mentioned it would take a long time to reach all those desperate women in the Neptunian ("greener pastures") Worlds but really, it will not take nearly as long as you think. I have developed an engine that can be adapted from producing electric current to making plenty of thrust for Light Speed. I have theorized a way to make a Quantum Leap (upon achieving Light Speed) that goes beyond the Speed of Light. How fast I don't know but Speed of Thought? Maybe. But there wouldn't be any way to know for sure you wouldn't come out in the middle of the Neptuninian aphrodite women's Sun... so maybe I'll pass on the 1st expedition.

btw, when you set up the Fountain of Youth System, use the Low Setting on the air conditioner. IT IS NOT A TOY. Cooling and warming the lungs and muscles in the inner chest walls overly much and too fast is enough to kill you. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. The system will strengthen the lungs of the wheelchair bound, the crippled & bedridden & disabled as well as recovering their heart health, but it will take months & a good deal of nutritional supplements is strongly advised. It will speed the healing process. For young bucks who are already healthy, the temperature oscillation will take you to a higher physical condition but you still NEED TO START OUT SLOW.

Another beautiful thing about letting an air conditioner exercise you, much like a hyperbaric chamber or an iron lung, is that NO WILLPOWER IS NEEDED; the willpower comes from the wall socket (electrical outlet). If there was a way to make you fall into a deep sleep while lying inside a temperature oscillation chamber you might not suffer the effects of ice crystal formation from suspended animation. In which case, you would arrive on Neptune 41 in great shape AND not have aged. Your mind would function perfectly, not suffering from Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease or strokes nor any heart atttacks from sedentary sleep, because your body was being exercised constantly during all the "(pdf) long trip" (@3-5 years Earth Time) there.

As I have mentioned before on SlashDot, my health system will reverse many diseases in the elderly & it is The Cure for American Obesity (American Poor Health, American Diabetes to some extent, and American children failure in school due to poor circulation & proper brain oxygenation). By bringing so many Americans returned to a better state of health we could save many billions of dollars and reduce national debt by removing the load from our healthcare system budget. Unfortunately the major wire services and television news reporters are refusing to print this lifesaving information, possibly because I linked my discovery to my faith in the Bible history account of Adam and Eve who after all, being naked, they no doubt shivered a great deal.

Here is a list of a few nutrition product companies that
have the best products & prices I've been able to find >
Oxy-Nectar AntiOxidant Complex.
Nitroxy 3, Stacker XPLC, Mega Hoodia.
Healthy Weight Loss: Prime One & Disease-killing/Neck Gland Cleansing: Ionized Silver.

(htm) Have a great space tourism trip to the Moon soon I hope, where the Millenial Dawn engine of February (November 14, 2005 release) will give you all the electricity you will ever need in your new Moon-based apartment.

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