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Comment Re:Seems reasonable (Score 1) 949

Ah, so there's a mathematical reason for paedophillia ... that's ok then.

Seriously dude, if the base was not mentioned when it was known why was his marriage to Sawda bint Zama recorded as her being 5 years old not 55? I think you're trying to hand wave away an unjustifiable and reprehensible action on the part of a man who was more likely mentally ill rather than inspired by god.

As for Draw Muhammed Day, if it offends 1.6 billion people, well, fine. You're allowed to be offended; you're not allowed to perpetrate violence against people who offend you though. If muslims quit with that crap then people won't be bothered to draw Muhammed. You're being trolled on a cultural scale because lots of us don't want to put up with religious violence anymore.


Game Development In a Post-Agile World 149

An anonymous reader writes "Many games developers have been pursuing agile development, and we are now beginning to witness the debris and chaos it has caused. While there have been some successes, there have also been many casualties. As the industry at large is moving away from the phantasmagoria of Agile, Gwaredd Mountain, Technical Director at Climax Studios, looks at Post-Agile and what this might mean for the games industry."

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