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User Journal

Journal Journal: Bad mood day

A user is completely incompetent when the only description I can think of is FUCKTARD

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Journal Journal: Terror warning stupidity

One of the news stories I read that just does not add up. FUD. From a news story at,9171,1101040705-658292,00.html

The Sell

"there's very serious intelligence that's corroborated, that's multiple sourced, that indicates that al-Qaeda is intent on hitting us and hitting us hard this year."

The Disclamer

"we don't have specific information."

The information below sounds specific...

The Sell

Along with this now familiar general warning, the FBI has introduced the specter of a new terrorism threat: booby-trapped beer coolers

Sounds like the biggest danger is to the free beer crowd. "Buba, run down and grab that floating cooler it may have free beer". ' Bubba grabs cooler, BOOM, pink mist clears,' Damm that beer has a kick.

The Disclamer.

FBI and Department of Homeland Security officials say no such devices have actually been discovered, nor is there any current intelligence that terrorists are hatching plots involving floating bombs

There are morons working for the media and government.

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Journal Journal: New laws make criminal recording in theaters

I found this article,4149,1425736,00.asp In Eweek. New laws in California, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Ohio criminilize recording movies in a theater. The penalties range from misdomenors to felonys. Now theaters are checking bags and jackets of patorns prior to entering.

My favorite Quotes of the story are "The state laws make it easier to prosecute individuals caught in theaters because the charges focus simply on the operation of a camera" and "Enforcement is always a last resort, but we hope this will be a deterrent,"

What ever hapend to making laws which will be enforced, rather than

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Journal Journal: what a day

Only tech on the office and computers keep flaking out. hmmm......

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Journal Journal: Back to a real job

6 mo to travel around the world. now back to my monotionious job, it is great to be back to work.

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Journal Journal: Job change

Recalled to active duty on very short notice 72 hours.

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Journal Journal: Holiday commoin up

Yep the christmas holiday is comming up. This place wont even give us christmas eve off But all the managment is gone.........

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Journal Journal: Yea!!! Long weekend comming

This has been a shot but particulary idiotic week.

Starting with a user calling me;

User1: My computer is having a problem. ME: what type of problem? User1: I dont know. Me: What makes you think you have a problem? User1: I got an error message. Me: What error message? User1: I dont know. Me: Reboot your computer. User1: OK

Ring ME: Hello User1: The problem is still happening. Me: Have you rebooted you computer? User1: No. Me: Reboot your computer. User1: OK

Ring ME: Hello User1: The problem is still happening. Me: Have you rebooted you computer? User1: No. ME: Grrrrrrrrrrr.........

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