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Comment Re:SharePoint (Score 3, Interesting) 152

That’s exactly my thoughts. And TFA didn’t specify which types of documents? If it’s mainly MS Office documents, SharePoint is probably one of the best solutions. Especially if you are considering upgrading to Office 2010.

Also what’s the size of your needs? SharePoint is free (WSS, aside of a Windows server 2003 licence) if your needs are small enough (Less than 2gb of data for MSSQL Express (free)).

I wonder how much time the submitter actually invested in throwing away SharePoint?

Comment Re:Justice (Score 1) 353

And feedback for Sony for future decisions.

"Amazon has given a [...] refund". So, you assume Sony will refund Amazon?

Altough I am RTFA, I didn't RTFA so:
"(1) comply with the description given by the seller and possess the same qualities and characteristics as other similar goods" Was the Other OS characteristics ever listed as a sales argument / product description by Sony?

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