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Submission + - X Windows now available for Android (

mkwan writes: The open-source X Server for Android has hit beta and is now available for download through the Android Market. On Australian networks at least, smartphones are assigned publicly-accessible IP addresses, so it should be possible to display many Linux applications on an Android smartphone simply by setting the DISPLAY environment variable to the phone's IP address followed by :0

Submission + - South African Health department blames Excel for loss of 4 million (

RoLi writes: The chief of the health department of the South African province of Limpopo, which has a population of over 5 million people, blames Excel for the loss of the equivalent of $4 million.

A committee has found irregularities in office supplies in the fiscal year 2009-2010. This was justified by declaring that the department had so much to manage that the result would no longer fit into Microsoft Excel. However, she admitted that their current asset management system was inadequate.

The committee seemingly found this explanation credible, because the only consequence of the affair are 13 million Rand (~$1M) for a new "asset management system" for the health department.

Comment Simple solution (Score 1) 187

Create a fork and cash in millions.

Seriously, Mozilla has something like 30% marketshare and IIRC Google gave them 300 Million. So they only manage to gain 3% (= 1/10 of Firefox users) with a conservative stable version, then that would be 30 million. Surely that would be worth the trouble.

Is nobody in the community smelling the money?

Comment The US is pretty much at war with Iran already (Score 1, Flamebait) 361

The utterly corrupt Obama administration is not satisfied with wars in Uganda, Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan and wherever I currently don't remember.

Obama has already made several steps towards war, and to say that the drone-campaign will continue is just the last step.

People were furious about Bush lies to start the wars. Obama has found the solution! Just don't talk about it, the people at home don't seem to care.


Submission + - Microsoft's IIS falls below 15% market share (

RStonR writes: Recent surveys from Netcraft and Security Space confirm that IIS is losing market share in all segments. The share in Japan, Germany, Russia and many other countries already lies below 4% for many years. But also traditionally Microsoft-friendly countries can turn away from IIS, for example in the last 10 years, the share in France fell from 35% to 5%, in Brazil and Taiwan from over 45% to 15% and in India even from 65% to 18%. In the long run, IIS might become legacy technology.

Comment Re:Yea, well... (Score 1, Insightful) 279

SOPA is just the latest "Change" that we got from Obama.

Doesn't anybody find it strange that There are no protests against Obama's wars?

Must not criticize this Nobel Peace Price winner, it would make quite a lot of people feel very stupid when they first treat him as the next messiah ("Jesus was also a community organizer", remember?) and then critizise him.

Comment Firefox needs a new management (Score 1, Offtopic) 151

Firefox is really in a crisis because the Mozilla foundation is still living in the 90s, when everybody and his dog bought a new computer every 2 years.

What we need is stability, we need less versions (preferrably one per year or even less than that).

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