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Star Wars: The Old Republic Sarlacc Enforcer Class Unveiled 27

Today BioWare unveiled the most impressive new class yet seen for their upcoming MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic. Sarlacc Enforcers are "paragons of patience and planning, always waiting for the right moment to pounce on their quarry – even if it takes one thousand years." Gamespot had an interview with the game's developers to get a clear picture on how such a unique and innovative class was designed. Quoting: "Well, this is a stealth class, so the soloing experience of the Sarlacc enforcer is going to be a little slow. [This character] spends a lot of time slowly sneaking into position before unleashing potent close-ranged attacks, such as 'devour.' But once exposed, the enforcer heavily relies on companion characters to lure enemies close, so he/it can unleash his/its close-ranged attacks. However, the enforcer shines in a group, especially when paired with a Jedi consular that can knock enemies toward him. At this point, the Sarlacc enforcer can use his/its powerful suite of damage-over-time abilities, like 'digest' and 'regurgitate.'"

Comment Re:Hacking the game is cheating? (Score 1) 96

That's BS. Practice with a weapon as similar to the one you fight with as possible. That way, when you get to the real fight, you are comfortable and familiar with it in your hand. It's like training for Vietnam jungle and then shipping off to Iraq.

What you should practice against (and what you're trying to say) is to make your opponents as varied as possible in practice, or preferably (extension of the above principle) as near to your actual opponents as possible. cf. Sun Tzu: "Know thyself, and know thy enemy, and of a hundred battles you will be the victor. Know thyself, but not thy enemy, and even will be your losses and victories. Do not know thyself, and wallow in defeat forever."

The interesting thing about that particular wargame wasn't the communications, but the blue team "unsinking" a carrier that had been taken out by a massed small boat attack. Submarines...and targets.

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