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Comment Re:Not a nice way to die (Score 1) 429

I had a house where I had to take off a metal return vent cover in order to put a temporary cupboard base in. I put a mouse trap near it and a mouse got caught by just one arm and fell into the long metal return duct. It kept flipping around in there making an awful racket! I had to take the end cap off the duct and reach in about 15 feet with kids toys hooked together (I had to put them together in pieces since the end cap was near a wall) to pull out this mouse & trap. It took quite a while and the entire time it was like someone banging on the duct work all through the house.

Comment No ageism on the iSeries (AS/400 or IBM i) (Score 1) 561

I program in RPG on an iSeries (see my sign on name).

We have the opposite problem. I think 40 is the youngest programmer on our staff of about 10 people who are programming. I have jokingly told lots of people that my skills are so out of date that they are back in demand. I think it is similar with COBOL programmers. My skills aren't really out of date, they just aren't the "sexy" jobs in languages most people think of. I like my job and the people I work with and we get a lot of work done that drives a thriving business.

Not that we take any old "old" person. We just had a 60 year old on a 60 day "try and buy" and he couldn't stay awake - blamed it on medication. He did a lousy job also so didn't even last the full 60 days. We find it hard to find anyone qualified and the ones we do try aren't young. None the less, it is a great platform.

Submission + - OMG! Ponies on the loose near Miami! (

RPGonAS400 writes: A group of ponies are on the loose near the Florida Turnpike.
The group of five ponies were first spotted on the southbound side of the Turnpike between Red Road/57th Avenue and I-75 in northwest Miami-Dade around 8:25 a.m.

Comment In RPG, just like today (Score 1) 279

Like I tell my friends, my skills are so outdated they are in demand. Not really true since the language has changed a lot. It is not a sexy language, and most of the people I work with are 40 or older, but the IBM i (AS/400, iSeries, etc.) still hums along great for a small investment. Companies that have them love them.

I worked at a place used a vendors software that also had a server based version. They wanted us to switch but the owner said "Our current servers crash often, but our iSeries has been up since 1993 and has not gone down except when the power was cut and we found out our UPS batteries were dead." At the time, that was 13 years of steady processing.

Comment Bugs magically disappear when I am called (Score 2) 78

A user calls and says they have a problem with program x so they call me. When they get there, they cannot reproduce the bug. We assume that the software know that it is whipped once I come into the picture so it fixes itself. You would not believe how many times this has happened over 30+ years.

Comment Not for older people (Score 1) 550

I am over 50 and with with another programmer who is over 50. I had thought about it if it got cheap, but then my "neighbor" told me he regrets doing it. He still uses 2 pairs of glasses. He uses readers you can buy anywhere while sitting at his desk and a half reader (nothing on top, reader on bottom) type of bifocal for all other times. He spent a few thousand to have it done and they didn't tell him it doesn't correct for the most common part of getting older, namely being able to see close things.

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