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Comment Re:What the hell (Score 3, Informative) 321

Also, I found this tidbit out from working with our Sheriff's Office for the past 3 years.... Most of the time, a cell phone location can't be pinpointed. It does pinpoint on the mapping system, but it's a best guess based on triangulation between towers. Often, you have to assume it's within a square mile of where it shows on the mapping system. It may be a lot different in larger cities with a higher tower density, but that's been my experience with cell phone mapping. Definitely not what you see in the movies!

Comment Re:This is spot on... (Score 2, Interesting) 604

I work in lower ed in the state of Minnesota. This is a mirror story to what I deal with here in our school system! In addition, I'm having trouble even buying computers from Dell. All of our sales reps won't return calls, even when we flat out say we're trying to give them money.

What summed Dell up for me was when we bought a lab of machines for CAD use... we naturally upgraded the video cards, but stayed with Optiplex's (our trusty line). When they arrived with the Dell flatscreen monitors we ordered, we noticed we couldn't plug DVI monitor cable into the video card. After several seconds, we realized that the ATI card has a proprietary ATI video connector... looks similar to DVI, but you need their adapter. The adapter is a Y cable which also allows you to use dual monitors.

I assume anyone reading this is up to speed with the issue at this point... DELL however, could not grasp this concept. After calling them, they sent us 32 DVI -> VGA converter cables which of course, didn't work. Calling our rep again, resulted in a different converter cable. A month passes. We still feel they are unable to grasp the issue at hand here. I take photos, google similar issues, send it off to them. Finally, the correct adapter arrives.

One would think this was an isolated incident, but I had the exact same issue 3 more times in the past two years. All with the same rep. I explain.... send the documentation.... and I still feel they can't grasp this. I too hang my head in shame when I tell people that we purchase Dell.

Comment It's not just not considered "valuable"... (Score 1) 888

It's considered downright BAD to be good at math in this culture.

I have a major in math, and if I wanted to have friends, and preferably girlfriends, I made damn sure either to not tell them I was in mathematics, that I hated math, that I sucked at it, or some combination of those.

For that matter, it's generally perceived that girls go for a muscular man, not someone who worked to get their masters. It's so plainly visible in television, movies and commercials. I couldn't imagine living in China, Japan, or any of the other countries where academic achievement is considered sexy by the culture itself.

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