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Comment Re:Before the election: (Score 1) 404

No, we're going to point out that voter ID won't do anything to stop election officials from criminal activity. All investigations into election fraud have pointed to this being by far the biggest issue.

Note that technically this isn't voter fraud since the official isn't impersonating anyone else, it's general election fraud and is a much bigger deal. Most places have minimal protections against crimes by election officials and a single bad official can have an effect that is orders of magnitude greater than even a co-ordinated attempt by regular folks to try to vote multiple times.

Comment Re:Flappy birds clone (Score 3, Interesting) 88

In counterpoint to that I think Nintendo is the most adaptable of the 3 console makers.

Last Christmas we agreed that it was time for a new console in our house. I initially assumed it would be a PS4 or XBone, but as I looked into the games available everything I was interested in on PS4 or XBone will also be released for PC. The PS4 and XBone are so similar to a PC that I saw no point in them. I went with the Wii U and am quite happy with it. I doubt I'll be getting a Switch next year, but I can envision getting one at some point. I can't envision getting a console that's mostly indistinguishable from a PC and Nintendo is the only console maker that seems to offer anything else.

Comment Re:what about COMMAND.COM? (Score 1) 280

It took it a few seconds but it eventually displayed what I'm assuming is the standard help screen for pip. 'pip list' worked fine and recommended upgrading pip with 'python -m pip install --upgrade pip' I tried that and it worked fine.

That was an interesting question though. I've never run any other scripting language from a powershell prompt. I'm a ruby guy myself. I don't even remember why I have python installed.

Comment Re:what about COMMAND.COM? (Score 1) 280

Nope. To get a list of all powershell commands you use 'get-command'. Mine shows 465 commands, but I have a few additional providers installed. Usually the real help is opening a browser and typing 'Powershell x' into your search engine of choice.

For your enjoyment here is the really horrible output of 'help'.

        Windows PowerShell Help System

        Displays help about Windows PowerShell cmdlets and concepts.

        Windows PowerShell Help describes Windows PowerShell cmdlets,
        functions, scripts, and modules, and explains concepts, including
        the elements of the Windows PowerShell language.

        Windows PowerShell does not include help files, but you can read the
        help topics online, or use the Update-Help cmdlet to download help files
        to your computer and then use the Get-Help cmdlet to display the help
        topics at the command line.

        You can also use the Update-Help cmdlet to download updated help files
        as they are released so that your local help content is never obsolete.

        Without help files, Get-Help displays auto-generated help for cmdlets,
        functions, and scripts.

        You can find help for Windows PowerShell online in the TechNet Library
        beginning at

        To open online help for any cmdlet or function, type:

                Get-Help -Online

        To download and install help files on your computer:

              1. Start Windows PowerShell with the "Run as administrator" option.
              2. Type:


        After the help files are installed, you can use the Get-Help cmdlet to
        display the help topics. You can also use the Update-Help cmdlet to
        download updated help files so that your local help files are always

        For more information about the Update-Help cmdlet, type:

              Get-Help Update-Help -Online

        or go to:

        The Get-Help cmdlet displays help at the command line from content in
        help files on your computer. Without help files, Get-Help displays basic
        help about cmdlets and functions. You can also use Get-Help to display
        online help for cmdlets and functions.

        To get help for a cmdlet, type:


        To get online help, type:

                Get-Help -Online

        The titles of conceptual topics begin with "About_".
        To get help for a concept or language element, type:

                Get-Help About_

        To search for a word or phrase in all help files, type:


        For more information about the Get-Help cmdlet, type:

                Get-Help Get-Help -Online

        or go to:

            Save-Help : Download help files from the Internet and saves
                                                              them on a file share.
            Update-Help : Downloads and installs help files from the
                                                              Internet or a file share.
            Get-Help Get-Process : Displays help about the Get-Process cmdlet.
            Get-Help Get-Process -Online
                                                          : Opens online help for the Get-Process cmdlet.
            Help Get-Process : Displays help about Get-Process one page at a time.
            Get-Process -? : Displays help about the Get-Process cmdlet.
            Get-Help About_Modules : Displays help about Windows PowerShell modules.
            Get-Help remoting : Searches the help topics for the word "remoting."


Comment Re:what about COMMAND.COM? (Score 1) 280

The vast majority of the commands are aliased so that they do work. However, the switches and options for the commands are all messed up. dir works fine. dir with any options does not. (same for ls) There are some edge cases where you'll have to put .exe in so it knows what you want. I use sc (service controller) from cmd all the time, but in Powershell that's the short version of Set-Content, so If I want to use it in Powershell I have to specify sc.exe.

Comment Re:How durable? (Score 1) 160

I can address the "What exactly fails that stops the power" portion, at least indirectly. It stops because it's designed that way as a safety feature. If the power is out there is probably a line down somewhere. That line will require someone to fix it. If you are feeding power in you will potentially electrocute the person trying to fix the line.

Comment Re:Manned versus unmanned. (Score 1) 190

Previous articles I've read on airships have typically focused on their ability to operate without an airport, or even a simple airstrip. They can pickup and transport large, heavy equipment directly to where it's needed regardless of most terrain. It seems like a nice capability, but I don't know what the market for that really is.

Comment Re:Let's send out Independent Election Observers. (Score 1) 180

Why in the world does it matter that they are volunteers? Do you think people can't volunteer with malicious intent? This tells me that it's all being done by amateurs which makes me much less confident in this system than I was before I read your post.

Oh God. Virginia!? Seriously? It's pretty much guaranteed that your voting machines were hacked for most of the last several elections. You were using the least secure voting machines ever made (On the bright side you got rid of them last year). You didn't need to replace a circuit board, you could quite literally hack into them from a half mile away with a rudimentary antenna built using a pringles can! Please read this and weep:

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