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Submission + - cell phones and service providers in Canada

soni.mathe writes: My current cell phone contract is almost over, and I am looking for a new phone and probably a new service provider. I am currently with Telus but I was considering Rogers.

I haven't really found a clear consensus as far as the quality of service providers in Canada, the main ones are: Rogers, Fido, Bell, and Telus. Since cell phones and plans are terrible in Canada, would it be better to just buy a phone from Europe and get a new sim card? Or are there any phones and/or plans worth paying for?

To clarify: I use the phone infrequently, only once or twice each weekday. I live in BC, Canada.

How Much Does a New Internet Cost? 446

wschalle writes "Given the recent flurry of articles concerning ISP over subscription, increasing bandwidth needs, and lack of infrastructure spending on the part of cable companies, I'm forced to wonder, what is the solution? How much would a properly upgraded internet backbone cost? How long would it take to make it happen? Will the cable companies step up before Verizon's FiOS becomes the face of broadband in America?"
Wireless Networking

Duke Wireless Problem Caused by Cisco, not iPhone 195

jpallas writes "Following up to a previous Slashdot story, it now turns out that the widely reported problems with Duke University's wireless network were not caused by Apple's iPhone. The problem was actually with their Cisco network. Duke's Chief Information Officer praises the work of their technical staff. Does that include the assistant director for communications infrastructure who was quoted as saying, "I don't believe it's a Cisco problem in any way, shape, or form?""

Microsoft Sees Stronger XP Sales in FY08 243

Rude Awakening wrote with a PC World article, saying that XP sales will actually be higher next year than they were in 2007. Despite Vista's release, Microsoft admitted this week that it expects the previous version of its operating system to make up a larger percentage of its OS sales in 2008. "According to Liddell, Microsoft will generate the same revenue, more or less, under the new Vista vs. XP numbers, although there might be some slight differences because Vista sales have tended to involve more of the higher-priced versions, dubbed premium by the company, than has XP. The financial forecast didn't spell out that directly, however. The only clue was a US$120 million difference in what Microsoft pegged as the 'undelivered elements' it assigned to unearned income for the coming year."

Submission + - unveils anti-Google tool, AskEraser! (

Tech.Luver writes: " unveils anti-Google tool ( ls_askeraser/ ) reports, " 'Hey! We care about privacy' As Google plays games with its cookies, semi-rival is actually getting serious about privacy. The web's fourth-leading search engine is giving web users a brand new tool that ensures their search results will not be retained by the company — at all. As the company points out, that's a first among major search engines. Known as AskEraser, the tool isn't slated to arrive until later in the year, but Ask went ahead and announced the thing yesterday. ""

Submission + - Students Break Teacher's Neck Over iPod

theodp writes: "Philadelphia police arrested and charged two students Friday for attacking a 60-year-old math and photography teacher and breaking his neck after he took an iPod away from one of the students during class. 'This is really a very heinous act,' said Philly School CEO Paul Vallas. Germantown High's posted policy states: 'Beepers, walkmans, cellular phones and other electronic devices are to be left at home. (NO EXCEPTIONS)'. As GWB might say, Mission accomplished."

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