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Comment There's that word (denialists) again (Score -1) 620

In the title you call it "Global Warming" and then later call it "Climate Change". The Global Warming --THEORY-- has been debunked already, hence the change in reference to "Climate Change". Climate Change (by man greatly affecting the earth's living conditions) is also a --THEORY--. The moment you insert "Climate change denialists", you lose all credibility as far as science goes. Science is the process of creating theories and then denying them. (falsification). When you lump falsification efforts with the Nazis you have lost the plot. There is no such thing in science as "The science is settled". Science is NEVER settled. Science is an ongoing look at the world around us and all it's behaviors. It never stops. It is never settled.

Comment Al Gore says it's so and therefore it is? (Score -1, Troll) 693

The following review (not mine) on IMDB sums it up quite nicely.

Al Gore says it's so and therefore it is?
Author: pete-801-834182 from United States
30 October 2016

Basically DeCaprio was told by Al Gore (who has made a hundred millions of dollars by preaching global warming after he retired from political life, gained a bunch of weight and had nothing to do) that anthropological global warming is real, and from that point onward DeCaprio was convinced. LOL! Then DeCaprio presents the ole "97% of scientists" lie that has traveled around the world. In reality 66% of scientists have no opinion about AGW -- Those opinions were conveniently thrown out of the messaged John Cook study. Then DeCaprio presents cherry picked anecdotal evidence, without ever questioning whether it's a case of Texas Sharpshooting. Why didn't he present the Vostok Station / Greenland ice core data to put the last 100 years IN PERSPECTIVE versus the last 5,000 years, 11,000 years and 420,000 years? And if he's such a big fan of anecdotal evidence over temperature data then why didn't he mention that Greenland used to be green? That 20,000 years ago New York was covered by a mile thick glacier? Why didn't DeCaprio interview Patrick Moore, the co-founder of Greenpeace, who is not part of "Big Oil" and doesn't buy into AGW? Because DeCaprio suffers from confirmation bias. The rest of this propaganda piece (I mean movie) continues under the ASSUMPTION that humans are causing the planet to warm and we all need to agree to tax ourselves more. No thanks.

Comment Trump is not racist. (Score 0) 380

Trump is not racist nor anti-semitic. This is a lie propagated by the mentally ill liberal left. Trump was the first, when building his golf courses with clubhouses, to allow blacks and Jews to become club members much to the annoyance of all the other clubhouses that discriminated.

Comment Steven Hawking is irrelevant. (Score 1) 751

Does anyone care about what Steven Hawking thinks?

"Stephen Hawking Calls Trump A 'Demagogue' Who Appeals 'To The Lowest Common Denominator'"

The lowest common denominator he's referencing is "The People"
It's more of an insult to us than Trump.

I want a President who appeals to me. I want a President who will look out for the interests of us "lowest common denominators"

Steven Hawking has the resources to pay people to take care of his every body function yet he would ridicule the people for their choice of President.

Steven Hawking is free to take a long roll off a short pier.

Trump 2016!

(This message was not endorsed by Donald Trump)

Comment Why we have to kiss off stupid humans now! (Score 1) 441

Apparently the author of this article is another one of those stupid humans who have very little understanding of the benefits and necessity of oil. Too many stupid humans have this perverted belief that oil and gas make up the largest usage and benefit of oil production. "insert losing sound buzzer here" Take a good look around you right now. Almost everything in your field of view requires oil production. Your car, your computer, your lipstick, earphones, tennis racquets, life jackets, Tupperware, the list goes on. Take a look here stupid humans --->

We have to divest ourselves from these stupid humans who pop up everywhere with their global warming anti humanity ideas. These people are brainwashed itdiots with no understanding of how the world works. They would see you living in caves and eating bugs to save their precious Gaia from their paranoid delusions. Get informed or become victims of stupid humans.

Comment Hey! Psst. (Score 1) 301

"Chief Townsend believes it is a huge privacy concern, as officers often see people on their worst days. "People with mental illness, people in domestic violence situations; do we really want to have to put that video out on YouTube for people? I think that's pushing it a little bit," he said."

Ever heard of "Cops"? On TV??

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