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Comment Re: trolling for clicks (Score 1) 637

I may be missing something, since I haven't tried all of them, but it seems that none of those platforms can be called an "asynchronous IRC"? That's the appeal of Twitter for me:

  • Like on IRC, nobody expects you to write blog posts but short messages.
  • Like on IRC, you are talking to complete strangers and can be anonymous if wished.
  • Like on IRC, you can mention anyone and the rest can join the conversation if they want to.
  • Unlike on IRC (not accounting for bots), each message is automatically logged and can be shared via a unique and permanent URL.

Oh, and like on IRC, technically minded people tend to gravitate to the platform. Is there anything except Twitter that would offer the same features? There used to be identi.ca, but seems like it's gone now.

Comment Re: Oh no (Score 1) 637

Not just English speaking word. I can give personal account that Poland is also affected by increased tensions between "right" and "left", to the point that the left set up a "Democracy Defense Committee" and does regular anti-governmental marches, while conservatives "unmask" them as traitors. Russia has seen its conservative "Movement against illegal immigration" banned by Putin due to concerns that it is leading straight to disintegration of the country by attacking (nominally) Russian citizens from North Caucasus.

Not from my personal experience, but my friends living in Hungary (remember Putin-leaning Orban?) and Scandinavian countries (remember Breivik?) are saying that intra-country social tensions are on the rise there too. The "migrant crisis" that is affecting the Europe at large is only exacerbating this.

Comment Re:MS Office & Games. (Score 1) 281

Not sure. They are often configured with additional software (e.g. https://steelseries.com/engine), but I did not need any of that just to use such keyboards on Windows. However, since Windows installs USB drivers automatically when you plug the device (either from device partition or downloading from the net), I cannot 100% tell whether a special keyboard driver was needed or not. I guess I could check in Hardware Manager but I'm too lazy to boot that machine right now :)

Comment Re:Bigger jump than GL 1 to 2? (Score 1) 281

Yes. Pretty much no existing API would be applicable since the abstraction jumped down several levels - like going from Java to C. You are now allocating and freeing memory buffers on the hardware, filling them out with the complete pipeline state information and passing to GPU to execute as is. I guess one could bolt this onto existing OpenGL API (NVidia tries to do that with GL_NV_command_list), but a) it is still higher level and b) interaction with the rest of GL remains problematic implementation-wise. Naturally a question arises: if that part of API is not interoperable with the rest, why not just separate the two?

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