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Comment Who will win? (Score 1) 119

Netflix = Blockbuster, Redbox = Hollywood Video (and/or regional competition to Blockbuster) Who will win? Content. Comcast + NBC + Yahoo + ESPN... Violate the first rule of Usenet before its too late to get your regurgitated 'high definition' content of movies and series concepts already produced. Just Sayin'...

Comment Re-focusing the FBI on more important issues GOOD (Score 1) 372

Although I enjoy the comments and the expected rhetoric from this thread, there is an important trend that should be emphasized: This is, and should be called 'State Sponsored Espionage' - The FBI and other government organizations have been directed to do something about a new threat. Land, Sea, Air, and now Net, are areas of major concern. Secondly, if you talk to your local FBI agent that is associated with cyber crime, a huge percentage of their time is spent on.. Hunting down pedophiles. Since the chess game is in motion, I would prefer my tax dollars being spent on Knight, Queen, and Rook moves, rather than they day-to-day pawn moves. Strategically we need to be adjusting to this new defense model. (ref. Black Hat 2010 Keynote from retired general) (Notice I left out Bishop as a key move to avoid all the potential comment references to Catholic priests....)

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