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Comment Great idea (Score 1) 246

I read a couple of the negative comments, and they don't surprise me. On the other hand, the posters seems to miss the point of an AS degree and what Web development is about. Personally, I wouldn't bother with back end tech like SQL; single page architecture is finally taking hold and the Web side shouldn't be doing more than making RESTful calls. And algorithms? Seriously? On the other hand, UX development is splitting away from the rest of the development herd. Instruction in JavaScript, MVC or whatever TLA is current, and current frameworks is valuable in its own right.

Comment Re:Go Amish? (Score 1) 664

Short of expecting "perfect" code, I completely agree. Code reviews that specifically inspected for buffer over-runs would have detected this flaw. Beyond that, the code should be written in a language that provides some protection, not assembler or whatever. Poor code that can kill people is unacceptable, especially when the flaw should be evident upon inspection.

Comment Say what? (Score 1) 155

I use Eclipse all day, every day. It's fast and stable, until certain plug-ins are added. Then, slowdowns happen, mostly because the plug-in is blocking because it is poorly written. As far as CTRL-C not working, I just don't see that. I don't have memory issues, either, as long as I create reasonably large heap, stack, and perm gen.

Comment Draco would be proud (Score 1) 153

From the article:

"The MoD insisted it is merely bringing up to date a disparate set of by-laws which were first introduced in 1892, and seeking to bring about a “layered” set of legislation which will increase public access to some military land."

Draconian? LOL! I can't believe they let people in there at all. Furthermore, most of the rules seem to come from the groundskeepers, not spies.

In the U.S. they put up fences and shoot people who go inside.

Comment Re:EASY (Score 1) 310

I agree with everything above. Furthermore, I found this thread through the RSS feed and read it because it is interesting. How many people at YOUR company have already read this? You provided enough information to identify you. All that needs to happen now is for a body-stacking coworker to go to your boss. Sorry to be negative, but been there, done that.

I understand exactly how you feel. If you are as competent as you sound, find a new job and then leave. Make sure the new place is more stable, so you can keep your conscience clear. BTW, +1 for having one.

Comment Re:Bring on the wearable interfaces. (Score 1) 453

I had the same reaction to the spelling and grammar. As much as a I despise the English language, spelling and grammar reflect on you. As far as meetings go, they have always been boring. Back in the day, people doodled. Non-technical people want to look at the people with whom they are communicating (they can actually read body language,) and lots of lackeys are a sign of power and prestige. Meetings will never go away, and the perception of people with power over your career is shaped by how you act when you are around them, that is, at meetings. Sorry. At least there are OSS projects for your personal time.

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