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Comment Re:Well... (Score 0) 646

I honestly dont see how one can prove or disprove either the Theory of Evolution (i'm talking macro- not micro-) or Creationism/ID through the repetition of tests in a classroom.

I would agree there that they really shouldn't be in the same category necessarily, because the Bible wasnt written as a book to give us "testable predictions."

Comment Re:Ummm....Nope. (Score 0) 224

Same here, I got it when it was free and installed Office 2007 no problem.

The tutorial seemed to make it more difficult by only explaining how to do it in the terminal. I had no trouble installing it using the gui and didn't have to mess with the terminal at all. It seems that when people only explain how to do it the "harder" way (in a terminal instead of with pretty pictures) that only makes people less likely to try linux (again-if this was the only thing holding them back) i would think, because it may look too difficult or complicated for them.

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