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Comment Re:Not an ARBITRARY lock at all (Score 1) 199

The original poster has no problem with disabling the Touch ID function when replacing a button and specifically states that it makes sense from a security perspective. The problem lies in disabling the return to home functionality. As long as I am ok with not having Touch ID available why shouldn't I be able to replace the home button?

Comment Yea Right (Score 2) 479

Yea Right. If someone found and 'undocumented feature' that allowed turning on the emissions cheat I could believe it was just the software developers. But this has a direct impact on the vehicle's performance that would have been caught by multiple levels of the organization. There are more heads to roll yet in this issue not the least of which is the software developers that didn't call foul when asked to code it it.

Comment Re:Why, oh why ? (Score 1) 191

McDonaldsâ(TM) uses 100% chicken breasts for its chicken nuggets for both the US and Canada (I suspect for the rest of the world as well but I donâ(TM)t know that for certain.) That does unfortunately mean they use the skin as part of it but once in a while it is not bad to have some chicken nuggets. Some of the cheaper supermarket varieties do use mechanically separated chicken but if you look at the package it is listed there and you can avoid those.

Comment DHS handled it poorly. (Score 5, Insightful) 812

I think regardless of how in the right the DHS rep is they handled it poorly. If they don't have the authority to change the form fine. If they must seized the boat fine. Explain the the gentleman why you are unable to make the changes and why you must seized the boat. Then let them know what the next step is to get things sorted out. Most people are fairly forgiving of inconveniences if they know why they are happening.

This just smacks of a functionary that enjoys being a pain. As for the DHS agent this is probably not going to go well for them. Even if it doesn't cost them there job it will probably result in a demotion.

Comment Disney is not being Evil (Score 2) 278

Having been to Disney world this past august this is just a more advanced version of the system they currently have in place. The only real difference is you currently use your park pass and buttons (personal event greeting) instead of an wristband. The new thing is pre-booking some ride times which considering the lengthy wait times on some of the more popular rides (2 hours+ some days). Disney constantly tracks ride times, guest flow, guest approval and a whole host of things we would never think of all to improve the quality and safety of the experience to allow you more time in the shops and restaurants where they make the real money. Disney above all is into selling you as many of those trinkets and meals as they can manage. The rides are there to give you a reason to come back.

As for the other issue mentioned (scanning your finger print) it is to prevent people from buying one yearly pass or multi-day pass and renting/selling the use of the pass. Neither of which I can blame them from wanting to prevent as this does cut into there bottom line on ticket sales and skews park numbers.

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