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Comment Re:whois (Score 1) 904

No, the great thing is that I can and does happen! Google ("kid free zone" "public place").

Anyway, If you want your dick sucked, get your wife to do it for you. Hey, you can make it a family event! Your wife can suck you off while she breast feeds your child. Your man gravy will provide nourishment to her which she'll pass on through her breast milk. The cycle of life is a beautiful thing, just keep that shit behind closed doors.

Comment Re:whois (Score 1) 904

Hungry babies have various habits which make EVERYONE in their immediate vicinity suffer when not fed.

Suffer is a good word for it. Nothing worse than being in a public place and having to put up with someone else annoying brats that won't shut the fsck up. I say we ban kids from public places... as a bonus you'd never have to deal with seeing breast feeding because there would be no kids around to breast feed!!! Maybe that's a bit extreme, but I'd be all for having designated "kid" and "no kid" areas in public places, just like they used to have with "smoking" and "no smoking" areas.

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