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Comment Linspire (Score 1) 121

Considering the murderous rage:) GPL3/Stallman is showing towards these deals, it seems as though the FSF wants Linspire (and Novell and Xandros) to pay dearly. But what I'm wondering is, as Linspire has made these patent deals, what will it mean for Cannonical. Didn't Linspire and Cannonical make agreements? If their agreements are done legally (rather than Mark&Mike talking, I don't know too many details) will that mean that any GPL3 consequences about these deals could affect Cannonical through Linspire? I'm no lawyer, so I don't know. And could this end the two companies' relationship? We need to look at a broader picture, as Shuttleworth is a big guy in the business, and has both legal (to Linspire?) and political influence.

Submission + - Watermark system scours the net for infringement

Almond Cookie writes: What if all copyrighted material contained watermarks, and software could scan videos and images online for those watermarks in order to report back to the content maker? A new patent filing shows plans for such a system to crawl sites like YouTube and MySpace for images or video that's copyrighted, which seems to focus more on casual piracy than that being done on P2P networks. Will it really work though? From the article:

For the system to work, players at multiple levels would need to get involved. Broadcasters would need to add identifying watermarks to their broadcast, in cooperation with copyright holders, and both parties would need to register their watermarks with the system. Then, in the event that a user capped a broadcast and uploaded it online, the scanner system would eventually find it and report its location online. [...] Generally we've laughed off most watermarking solutions because they seemed like solutions in search of a problem. Now that Google has learned the hard way that content owners want to be paid when their content shows up on YouTube, we may see more of these "solutions" in the future.

Submission + - Free 3D tool even I can use

CowardICE writes: There is a new release of Blender (free 3d animation and modeling tool) that has way a way cool sculpting tool that even the totally artistically retarded (ie me) can use to create realistic looking monster heads. The new blender also has a lot of other improvements and lots of nice videos showing the new features.

The Wii - Is the Magic Gone? 492

Computer And Video Games asks the tough question: is the Wii's magic gone? After the flurry of excitement around the launch, lackluster ports and a persistent inability for Nintendo to keep units on the shelves has made it hard for gamers to sustain their enthusiasm for the system. It doesn't help that most of the good games slated for this year won't be out for months. In some cases, there's doubt they'll even make it out this year: Reggie Fils-Aime appears to be backpedaling on Metroid Prime 3 by Christmas, which would be a shame. GigaGamez has additional commentary. Are you still as excited about the Wii as you were when it launched?

Submission + - Study Indicates Autism is Mostly Genetic

Old Man Kensey writes: A study funded by the National Institutes of Health and the nonprofit foundation Autism Speaks has found multiple verifiable genetic links to the development of autism, including a gene involved in glutamate metabolism, a process implicated in other childhood neurological disorders like epilepsy. One researcher went so far as to say the findings indicate that autism may be as much as 90% genetic.

Submission + - Citicard security or lack of

BikerMikey writes: I just had a few interesting conversations with the brain trust over at Citi Cards. I had not downloaded my statements since they had redesigned their site until last week. I should say that I tried to login. The login page was unsecured, I tried adding that little "s" to make it secure and got bounced out to an unsecured page again. I could find no links to a secured login page. I decided to give them a call and got Denise in support. She kept telling me that it was ok because there was a lock on the part of the page with the account login and I was on thier site. We went around and around and finally I asked to talk to her boss, she refused to pass me to her boss telling me that he would not take calls, gotta love that customer support. I tried to call again, this time pointing out that my "Identity Theft Protection Packet" that I got from them, for pure enjoyment, told me to "NEVER enter my account info onto an unsecured page". I kept pointing out info from thier packet on how to tell if a connection is secure, her response was that it is ok here on their site. Duh? I wonder how much they paid for the consultant that sold them this load of BS. Are there any responsible Credit Card Companies out that with things like Virtual Account Numbers and Direct Download of transactions?

Submission + - Full .NET application running on Linux

An anonymous reader writes: It seems there could be a place for Mono on the Linux GUI game. Many people thought Mono was going to be an easy way to port .NET Windows apps to Linux, but at the end it was just a new development platform. But it seems after release 1.2, Mono is reaching an acceptable maturity level.

Today I just checked Codice's Software blog,, a small start-up company developing a new version control system. Their product, named Plastic, is fully written in .NET/Mono, and they finally made the GUI client run on Mono/Linux. It is probably one of the best looking SCM systems running on Linux. Is worth to have a look into it.

Have a look at the following post at their blog: -scm-running-on-sled-mono.html

Submission + - ESRB is Hiring Gamer Dads!

Boris writes: "The ESRB has taken an ad out at looking for raters! Jobs are available in NYC to rate games and it looks like Gamerdad helped make this happen. Here's the story!"

Submission + - Google developing AI

chonny69 writes: "Developers at search engine giant Google "are really trying to build artificial intelligence and to do it on a large scale," Google co-founder Larry Page said at the annual American Association for the Advancement of Science conference Saturday. "It's not as far off as people think," he said. Page also said that in the programming language of humans the brain's algorithms weren't all that complicated and could be approximated, eventually, with a lot of computational power."

Submission + - Blender 2.43 Released

tbcpp writes: Since the open sourcing of the code several years ago Blender's development has grown by leaps and bounds but no single release can compare with the plethora of features that version 2.43 contains. This release could be nicked the "Multi" version; with multi-resolution Meshes, multi-level UV, multi-layer images, and multi-pass rendering, to name some highlights. Much appreciated are the new Mesh Sculpt and Retopo painting tools. Other features include, fluid particles, render baking, composite defocus blur, to name a few. Artists using cvs versions have already created amazing models. Seven months of development time have resulted in a giant list of features & improvement & fixes.

As always, this release is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris.
The Internet

Submission + - World of Warcraft on a Cell Phone

nogame writes: As the World of Warcraft craze rages on, it looks like fan sites are now invading our cell phones. Apparently a fan site, released a cell-friendly site allowing phones with internet access to get their inner geek on. Perhaps this will be the first of many cell phone gaming sites to ensure our utter obsession to video games.

Submission + - Symantec 'borrowing' from independent researchers?

An anonymous reader writes: Symantec posted a paper late last week on what they called Drive-By Pharming; attacks on home network hardware via a user's browser. Interesting stuff.

What is perhaps just as interesting is that the exact techniques described by Symantec appeared here in Joe Walker's blog over a week earlier. Are Symantec borrowing other peoples' research without giving credit or is this just a coincidence?
The Courts

Blizzard Officially Files Against WoW Glider 179

Marcus Eikenberry writes "Blizzard and Vivendi today filed against MDY Industries, the makers of the 'WoW Glider' software. Glider allows World of Warcraft players to 'play' while away from the keyboard; the software moves the player's avatar along a set path, following a complex set of instructions dictated in advance. Blizzard is seeking injunctive relief and money damages against MDY. What that means is they want him to stop the production of WoW Glider and they want him to pay them damages. Blizzard believes that Glider infringes on their intellectual property. They believe Glider allows players to cheat, giving them an unfair advantage and that they believe Glider encourages Blizzard customers to breach their contracts for playing the game. Last they claim that Glider is designed to circumvent copyright protections."

Submission + - Firefox 3 to support offline apps

thinkingpen writes: Read/Write web is carrying an interesting story about Firefox 3. From the article — "An interesting tidbit came out of the recent Foo Camp New Zealand (which unfortunately I wasn't able to attend). Robert O'Callahan from Mozilla, who is based in NZ but drives the rendering engine of Mozilla/FireFox, spoke about how Firefox 3 will deliver support for offline applications. This is significant because you'll be able to use your web apps — like Gmail, Google Docs & Spreadsheets, Google Calendar, etc — in the browser even when offline. I deliberately mentioned all Google web apps there, because of course this plays right into Google's hands." Now thats web 3.0 ?

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