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Comment I was running one (Score 1) 181

Back in the early 1990 I started a BBS running Wildcat BBS on one node in a small town in Québec/Canada. It quickly became bigger. I quit my day job as a financial/cost analyst and I had to add many other nodes and my house was soon overrun by network cables and computer hardware...

In 1993 I added internet email using UUCP and newsgroups unsing PlanetConnect satellite service and migrated to a full PPP connection provider in 1995. I was able to get broadband connection from my Telco and began connecting high speed Internet client in 1997. I sold that company in 2001 to a bigger ISP but it was the best experience of my whole life. Just remembering and writing these details brings me goosebumps! Things were moving quickly on the hardware and software front. I was using Livingston Portmaster 2 and Portmaster 3 hardware (I kept them as a souvenir). A PM3's cost was 25,000$ and an equivalent Cisco unit was 50,000$+! I can proudly say that I developed my first Web App in 1994, it was a online payment system for my ISP business.

After 2001 I kept going as an IT consulted/Developer and still doing it today. Several years ago I bought a maple and I take time off during maple season to make maple syrup and server traditional sugar shack meal to my clients. Those are the last 25 years of my life... Many more to come I hope.


Comment Here's the exact email (Score 1) 50

I was on that plan and I recently received the email. Here's the exact wording:


We recently learned that you received an email incorrectly announcing your Unlimited Photos plan was being changed into an Unlimited Storage trial. We're very sorry about this. We meant to let you know that the Unlimited Photos storage plan is no longer available, but you can continue to use your plan until it ends.

To make up for this, we are giving you 12 free months of the Unlimited Storage plan, which lets you store as many photos, videos, and other files as you like. When your promotional Unlimited Storage plan ends, you will be charged $59.99 for a one-year plan. You can cancel your promotional plan at any time.

This offer is valid until your current plan expires. Please accept this offer on your “Manage Storage” page:

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Customer Service Department"

I will take the freebie but not sure if I'm going to continue after that. I have 2.5TB of uploaded RAW photos. It took a while to upload that and it sucks that I may have to do it again. The freebie will expire in 2018 so we'll see what's available at that point.

Comment Re:So they want to piss on the maker community? (Score 1) 59

They already took a piss 2 years ago when they went closed source. Now they want to take a big steamy dump with their iTune for 3D printing.

The thingiverse repository as we know it may change completely.

Their first and foremost goal seem to divorce completely from the knowledgeable maker community and attend to the ignorant mass consumer flock who dean't know better.

The movie 'Print the legend' is really interesting to watch and Bre Petis really takes a hit from many comments. He's being called an a-hole by is ex VP Marketing!

Comment Re:Orange County's system (Score 2) 278

Most people don't know what that but you are 100% correct.

I do 2 things to earn a living. I'm an IT Consultant and I operate a maple farm. We use Reverse Osmosis to separate most of the water from the maple sugar crystals. For me, pure water is the waste and the rest is my base product that I boil later.

My small RO machine can produce around 800 gallons of pure water in an hour depending on the pressure I apply on the membrane. With a properly maintained membrane, only H2O is produced, no viruses, no bacteria and no antibiotics can get beyond the membrane.. So yes, it is purer than well or tap water even the natural minerals are removed (they need to be re-added later). The pure water then created will often get polluted by the distribution pipes themselves however.

I would have no problem at all drinking waste water from Reverse Osmosis Filtrate.

Comment Re:Ever use sat internet? (Score 1) 74

Internet satellite usually come from a single Geosynchronous satellite which is located at a 42,000km orbit. At the speed of light it take 280 msec to cross that distance back and forth and you can add some more delays for the earth network time. This delay doesn't affect streaming or downloads but it will affect lag sensitive operations like ssh, gaming, vpn, voip, etc.

The proposed 700 sat network will most likely be in low earth orbit like the iridium satellites at around 750km. At that altitude, the delay becomes 5 msec which is more than reasonable.

Comment Their real motives will be revealed (Score 2) 712

I think that the real motives of the NRA has more to do with the liberty of companies to sell guns than with the liberty of people to own them.

If it ever come to the point were guns sales plummet 50% because people are 3D Printing them for a few dollars instead of purchasing them from gun manufacturers for a few 100s... I would be curious to see the NRA's reaction.

Just sayin...

Comment They did that in Québec last year (Score 1) 172

It is worth noting that It's not the first time that Voltage Pictures tries to fuck with Canadians. Last year they had a run at a few dozen Quebecers over the Hurt Locker that time:

I never new if they ended up with some settlements or not. What I do know by experience is that when I rented the Hurt Locker I ended up not watching it because the DVD was only in French. French is my native language but I hate translations, they are simply un-watchable. The Hurt Locker was distributed here by Maple Pictures and contrary to 99.9% of DVDs and BDs, they made two different versions for Canada, one in French and one in English. The English version was nowhere to be found in Québec. Talk about under using technology...

I can only imagine the poor bastard that actually bought the movie only in French (without knowing it) and ended up downloading a proper original English version and getting a 'pre-settlement' letter in the mail 2 years later...

Comment Re:I've never seen camera serial # in EXIF (Score 1) 272

Most decent DSLR do that. My Nikon D800 does it. My Nikons D700, D300, D300S and D7000 did it before and my friend's Canon 5DMKIII and 5DMKII do it too. I see it just by looking at my library in Lightroom.

I have a smaller Fuji X10 and a Nikon P7000 abd they do not insert their serial number in the EXIF data.

Comment Re:Maple Syrup Strategic Reserve? (Score 2) 399

That is completely true in theory and slashdot is not the place to debate the UPA practices. However, there are small details about the implementation and politics that make it often unfair. For example, the stolen inventory discussed in this story was supported by the producers since the UPA pays us only when the syrup is sold which can be a year or so later.

Over the years, I became mostly self sufficient and I sell the major part of my production in meals and products sold at my establishment. I did that to have as little to do with them as possible.

Comment Re:Maple Syrup Strategic Reserve? (Score 4, Interesting) 399

I do mainly 2 things in my life:

1- I'm an IT consultant 9 months/year
2- I produce maple syrup on my maple farm 3 month/year

I've been doing that for years and let me tell you that it is true that is a monopoly benefiting mainly the big producers and the small one are kinda left behind. But then again, It is similar to most farming in most countries.

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