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Comment Re:A DRM ban clause should be added as a constitut (Score 5, Insightful) 1127

As you may notice if you read my comment, it was about the DRMs and not about Windows version X (which I don't really care because I don't use at all). The DRMs are starting to be omnipresent and this is really bad, just try by yourself to copy a scene from a bluray movie to include it in a report, a parody, a backup or any other fair use, you will find that there are obstacles in your way.

Even if you would settle for a downgrade of the artwork it will be difficult to find something to convert the HDMI ouput signal to something recordable because of HDCP feature of HDMI.

Content publishers, hardware manufacturers and software publishers are working hands in hands to lock the cultural content in DRMs. To all this insanity you add the american DMCA and patent office to it and you will find that there is an oligopoly protected by the governement which is impeding seriously in your access to culture.

I'm not an american, I'm not even a constitutional expert in my country but I would think that access to culture should be a civil right and that any civil right should be part of the constitution of every countries.

Just think of what you are not advocating for a minute.

Operating Systems

Submission + - Quebec's RRQ being sued for not considering OSS. (

Quebec writes: "Cyrille Béraud, in charge of Savoir-Faire Linux is suing the Régie des rentes du Québec in the province's highest court. He is contesting the fact that the governement administred office is about to spend 700,000$ to upgrade its workstations to Vista without tenders and without considering alternatives.

The document submitted to the Cour supérieure sustains the fact that Vista is so different from Windows 2000 (the actual operating system in use at the RRQ) that you cannot call it an upgrade but a replacement.

The author of the article is saying that this is a first in North America and that we heard similar stories in Europe."

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