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Comment Mostly non-fiction.... (Score 1) 175

The Difference Engine by William Gibson, Bruce Sterling

In the Beginning... Was the Command Line by Neal Stephenson

Mother Earth Mother Board - also by Neal Stephenson (actually, anything by him)

The Victorian Internet is also worth reading.

Bad Science by Ben Goldacre

Comment Won't work (Score 1) 242

So he claims 10% at 10 feet - so lets assume 10 watts input power

A 10 foot sphere has a surface area of 1257 sqft

1 watt over 1257 sqft is 0.0008 watts per sqft

Lets be generous and assume the whole of the phone case is a receiver.

A phone is about 10 inches sq, so a bit under 1/14th of a sqft.

0.0008/14 = 0.000057 watts. That isn't going to be much power for your phone.

That also assumes you left your phone facing the transmitter rather than edge on.

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