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Comment Re:121 tabs in Firefox (Score 1) 381

I do the same thing... The other advantage to tabs over bookmarks is that you aren't left with a lot of unnecessary bookmarks that need purging; Just close the tab once you finally get around to reading it, and, bam.

As far as middle click, instead of the wheel, I've been using the thumb button(s) on my mice as middle click for years. Much more convenient than trying to click the wheel.

Submission + - Activision blocks Rock Band guitar patch

An anonymous reader writes: While Xbox 360 owners can use any Xbox 360 guitar to play Rock Band, PlayStation 3 owners only other option (the Guitar Hero 3 guitar) was not compatible when Rock Band launched. Harmonix created a patch to fix this, only to have Activision block the patch. According to a Harmonix employee on the official Rock Band forums:

"Two weeks ago, Harmonix created a software patch for the Sony PLAYSTATION 3 version of Rock Band that allowed for guitar compatibility and support for third party peripherals, including enabling use of Activision's Guitar Hero III controller with Rock Band. The compatibility patch was submitted, approved and had been scheduled for release by Sony on Tuesday, December 4. Unfortunately, Activision objected to the compatibility patch's release. The patch remains with Sony, but we have been told that it will unfortunately not be released due to Activision's continued objection."

Submission + - Worms hits Xbox Live Arcade

ObiWanStevobi writes: Worms hits the Xbox Live Arcade today I have yet to try it out (later tonight), but the Xbox ad says it has alot of the features you would expect in the PC versions, configurable teams, game options, etc. Looking through the gamespot reviews, it would appear they have those, but they are rather limited. It seems to have trimmed the weapon and theme selection down a bit. But, they do still have the banana bomb. Worms hits Xbox live at a suprisingly-high-for-a-live-arcade-title 800 MS points ($10 US).
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Journal Journal: ROBOTS: Ethical Code Being Developed in Korea 1

Thank god for this. I hope that there is eventually some global body that not only manages but enforces the proper treatment of intelligent machines once they exist. I've always liked machines more than people because machines are far more reliable. (ie. they do what you tell them to and they do it HOW you tell them to do it) And if you interact with your machines properly, they treat you very well. I'm so much of a stickler

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